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New South Wales - Car Clubs and Associations
ACT car clubs

If you're looking to get in touch with fellow owners, try the Wikicars Community directory of clubs and associations. To add your club to this list, please email webmaster@wikicars.net.au

Make Club/Association
Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Owners' Club of Australia (NSW)
Aston Martin Aston Martin Owners Club Australia
Austin Austin 7 Club NSW
Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW
Austin Healey Austin Healey Owners Club NSW
Sprite Car Club of Australia
Bentley Bentley Drivers Club (NSW)
BMW BMW Drivers Club NSW
Buick Buick Car Club of Australia
Chevrolet 55, '56, '57 Chevrolet Club
Chevrolet Club of NSW
NSW Corvettes Unlimited
The Veteran & Vintage Chevrolet Association of Australia
Chrysler All Chrysler Day
Charger Club of WA
Chrysler and Valiant Owners Association
Chryslers on the Murray
Hunter Valley Chrysler Club
R & S Series Valiant Car Club of NSW 
Citroen Citroen Car Club of NSW 
Daimler Daimler and Lanchester Owners Car Club of Australia
Datsun Datsun Sports Owners Australia
Nissan Datsun Drivers' Club
Sydney Datsun Club 
Dodge Charger Club of WA
Fiat Fiat Club of NSW
Ford Early Falcon Car Club NSW
Early Ford V8 Club of NSW 
E-Series Owners Club
Falcon GT Car Club of Newcastle
Falcon GT Owners Club of NSW
Ford Galaxie Club of Australia
Ford RS Owners Club of Australia
Mid North Coast Ford Owners Club
Model A Ford Club of NSW
Model T Ford Club of Australia (NSW)
Mustang Owners Club of New South Wales
Small Ford Car Club of NSW
Zephyr Zodiac Owners' Club of NSW
Ford/FPV Falcon Tickford FPV Car Club of NSW
FTF Car Club of NSW
FPV-Tickford Club of NSW
Hillman The Hillman Owners Club of Australia 
Holden 48 & FJ Holden Owners Club (NSW) 
48-78 Holden Car Club Hunter Valley 
A9X Torana Club of Australia 
Central Coast Holden Car Club
Club Commodore
EJ & EH Holden Owners and Drivers Club of NSW
EJ-EH Holden Owners of Southern NSW
FB-EK Holden Car Club of NSW
FE-FC Holden Car Club of NSW
FE-FC Holden Car Club of NSW
FX-Holden Club of Australia - Sydney Chapter
Golden West Holden Owners Club
GTR & XU-1 Owners Club of NSW
Hastings Old Holdens Car Club of NSW
HD-HR Owners Club of NSW
HDT Owners Club of NSW
HQ Holden Racing NSW
Hunter Valley Monaro Car Club 
Illawarra Early Holden Club 
Jackaroo Four Wheel Drive Club
Lions Pride Holden Car Club NSW
Midcoast Old Holdens Members
Monaro Car Club of NSW
Monaro Car Club of Sydney
Monaro Owners Drivers & Enthusiasts Association
NSW Torana Club
South Coast Holden Owners Club 
Southern Sydney Early Holden Car Club
Sydney Torana Club
Tamworth Classic Holden Club 48-78 
Honda Honda Sports Car Club NSW
HSV HSV Owners Club of NSW (incorporating HDT) 
Humber Humber Car Club of Australia
Jaguar Jaguar Drivers Club Hunter Region (JDCHR)
Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia
Jeep Coffs Coast Jeepers
Jeep Club of New South Wales
Sydney Jeep Club
The Cherokee Club of Australia
Lancia Lancia Motor Club of NSW
Land Rover Land Rover Owners Club
Newcastle Land Rover Club
Newcastle Rover Owners Four Wheel Drive Club
Range Rover Club NSW
Leyland Leyland P76 Owners Club of NSW 
Lotus Club Lotus Australia
Mazda Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW 
Rotary Enthusiasts of NSW
Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Club NSW
MG Hunter Region MG Car Club  
MG Car Club Ltd, NSW
MG Car Club Newcastle
MG Car Club of Wagga Wagga
MG TC Owners Club
Mini Club Mini NSW
Mini Car Club of NSW
Mitsubishi Triple Diamond 4WD Club
Morris Morris Minor Car Club of New South Wales
Morris Register of NSW
Nissan Nissan Datsun Drivers' Club
Nissan Patrol 4WD Club NSW & ACT
Nissan Sports Car Club
Pathfinders' Club of Australia
Silvia Club of NSW
Z Car Club of Sydney
Peugeot Peugeot Car Club of NSW
Pontiac Pontiac Car Club of Australia - NSW
Porsche Porsche Club New South Wales
Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce Owners' Club of Australia (NSW)
Rover Rover Owners' Club 
Saab Saab Car Club of Australia - NSW
Studebaker Studebaker Car Club of New South Wales
Subaru Impreza WRX Club
Subaru & Recreational 4WD Club
Toyota MR2 Owners Club of Australia (NSW Branch)
Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Australia - Sydney
Triumph Standard and Triumph Car Club of NSW
Triumph Sports Owners Association of New South Wales
Vauxhall Vauxhall Owners' Club of Australia - NSW Branch
Volkswagen Club VeeDub Sydney 
Riverina Volkswagen Club
Volkswagen Club of Sydney
Volvo Volvo 1800/120 Club Australia
Volvo Car Club of NSW
Willys Willys Whippet Overland Knight Restorers
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