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Privacy Policy


Scope of Privacy Policy

  • The Privacy Policy governs:

  1. What personal information Wikicars collects from you;

  2. How that personal information is collected;

  3. Why that personal information is collected and how it is used;

  4. The disclosure of your personal information

  5. your access and rights with respect to your personal information;

  6. your obligations with respect to the personal information of others; and,

  7. Privacy controls with respect to your personal information.

  • This Privacy Policy only addresses the use and disclosure of information that Wikicars collects from users – it does not cover instances where users disclose information to other parties. Wikicars does not control the Privacy Policies (if any) of others.



  • By providing information to Wikicars, you accept and agree to this Privacy Policy.

  • By accepting this Privacy Policy, you expressly consent to the collection, retention, use and disclosure of your personal information as prescribed by this Privacy Policy.

  • your acceptance and agreement shall have the same force and effect as if you had signed in writing an acceptance of This Agreement.


Changes to This Policy

  • Wikicars reserves the right to change, amend, vary or modify this Policy.

  • Wikicars will provide notice of such changes at prior to any such changes take effect.

  • It is your responsibility to review this Policy upon such revisions.


Persons under the age of 18

  • Persons under the age of 18 years are not eligible to become Advanced Members of the Internet Site and should not submit personal information to Wikicars or the Internet Site.


1. Information collection


  • When you interact with the Internet Site, Wikicars may record the details of that interaction. Recorded interactions include:

  1. Bids

  2. Offers

  3. Communications

  4. Listings

  5. Invoices

  6. Payment and transaction details

  7. Recorded information pertaining to these interactions includes:

  8. The interaction itself;

  9. Time and date;

  10. IP address.


General use

  • Wikicars automatically tracks information related to use of the Internet Site.

  • This information may include the arrival URL, the destination URL, Internet browser and IP address.

  • This information, however, is not personal information as it is aggregated with information from other users and cannot be traced to an individual.



  • Wikicars uses data collection devices such as “cookies” on the Internet Site. Within the Internet Site, third parties may use cookies on certain pages; Wikicars is not responsible for the use of these third party cookies.

    • About: “Cookies” are small files stored on your hard drive, not on Wikicars’ servers. Most cookies are automatically deleted at the end of a session. You may configure your Internet browser to decline cookies, although this may impair your ability to use the Internet Site.


2. Purpose and use of information

Interactions with the Internet Site

  • Information concerning interactions with the Internet Site (including bids, offers, communications, listings, invoices, and payment and transaction details) are collected in order for the Internet Site to provide services, functions and facilitate transactions between Buyers and Sellers.

Dispute resolution

  • Communications may be used to resolve disputes.


  • Communications may be used to troubleshoot difficulties.


  • Personal information may be used to ensure compliance with Wikicars’ Terms and Conditions, Agreements, Rules and Policies.

Site usage

  • Site usage data is collected so that Wikicars may assess interactions with the Internet Site to improve its services and functionality.


  • Cookies enable certain features of the Internet Site to function, identify login sessions and to customize or personalize the Internet Site.


3. Wikicars’ Disclosure

Internal use and disclosure

  • Information may be disclosed by the operator of the Internet Site to its alliance partners, related entities, affiliates and suppliers, including but not limited to the directors, officers, employees and agents of those entities where necessary for the operation and provision of services via the Internet Site.


Protection of rights and interests

  • Wikicars may disclose your personal information for the purpose of upholding, protecting and enforcing rights and interests under Law.


No third-party commercial disclosures

  • Wikicars does not sell, license, or rent any personal information to any third party.


Aggregated data

Wikicars may disclose aggregated information which cannot be used to identify you personally.


Security measures

Despite the use of robust security devices, measures and practices to protect your personal information, Wikicars does not and cannot guarantee that personal information will never be disclosed or obtained in ways other than as described in this Policy.


Service Providers

  • The Internet Site contains links and exchanges information with third party service providers. If you disclose personal information to these external service providers, and/or grant them permission to collect personal information about you, then their use of your personal information is governed by their privacy policy.

  • In some instances, information you have supplied to Wikicars may be used to pre-populate the information fields of a third party service provider. This information will not be submitted to the third party service provider until you elect to do so. As such, you will be able to view what data would be submitted and decide whether to proceed with the disclosure.

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