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In this video we will show you how we fixed our locked up ac compressor. The a/c compressor did not want to turn over and when activated it smoked the serpentine belt. We decided to take apart the a/c compressor and we were able to fix. The a/c compressor works great after the repair and we saved ourselves some money. Not every compress can be saved but out of curiosity we took it apart.

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34 Replies to “Auto Repair: FIXING LOCKED UP AC COMPRESSOR”

  1. You're using an infrared sensor, the temperature drops that much because the cold air is cooling the sensor down. You should be using a cooking thermometer instead and inserting the tip inside the vent, in a properly charged and working ac system that way you would see the temperature dropping down to about 5°C and then staying there since the compressor is modulating refrigerant flow in order to not allow the evaporator to freeze up.

  2. That half bearing didn't fall out for no reason. It'll do it again before long. Swash plate is bad or that individual piston assembly, one or both. Could've been over revved too.

  3. I'd call this a temporary repair at best. Some stress caused that button to slip out. Either swash plate wear of something else. It's only a matter of time till it happens again. You'd be better off getting a newer compressor. Many are back compatible for several years for a newer model. I have had good luck that way with pull outs from newer model wrecks down at the local u-wrench-it junk yard.

  4. hi, hows it going -in your video u didnt show the discharging of the a/c refridgerant or the recharging of the system or did u find a way around de gasing the system?

  5. almost all car in warranty drives just fine.most problems start to show after warranty ran out~and that`s why some brands got bad reputation from…

  6. great repair+great instructional video
    i just got a similar problem w/ a locked compressor from a 00 dodge grand caravan 3.3 dual ac system compressor

    in my case the pistons' rods were broken so i decided to r/r the whole unit w/ a different one

    i will install it tomorrow and give it a try after vacuuming the system

    thanks for the video

  7. That is very interesting and helpful but how did that half bearing come out in the first place? It seems like they are pretty tight in their sockets so I don't see how they could just pop out unless something was bent or broken.

  8. Pretty creative nice disassembly. Unfortunately the compressor gaskets or a one time use only compression type gasket aluminum with a Teflon coating you can try to use them again they will somewhat work but they’re always have a slow leak that losing refrigerant. When the clutch starts to smoke that bad and the steel faceplate turns blue that means it got so hot it usually cook some of the grease out of the clutch bearing greatly shortens it twice it ends up being a failure are usually back within a year if you’re really lucky and that’s not it heating up the front shaft seal directly connected to the clutch from that great deal of heat usually makes the front shaft seal leak in about a year so all that work ends up being for nothing turns into a come back in the compressor failed and the customer have to pay all over again to have a part replaced. Great attempts for a do it yourself or in your backyard though got to give you a thumbs up for effort

  9. The temperatures you were getting with fall coming out of the dash using a infrared to monitor as the cold air cools the optics on the front of the tool it distorts the wavelength reading and falsely gives you a progressively lower and lower temperature reading. This is a situation when mechanics or general public is not educated on how to use a tool that they have purchased

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