Car Review: Mercedes E-Class Saloon 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews

Car Review: Mercedes E-Class Saloon 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews

Awesome Review: Mercedes E-Class Saloon 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews

The Mercedes E-Class is a compact executive saloon that’s supremely comfortable – get Mat Watson’s verdict with our full 4K review.

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22 Replies to “Car Review: Mercedes E-Class Saloon 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews”

  1. There is a design flaw with most new Mercedes cars where they have a black glass piece placed between the windscreen and sunroof which is not even shatterproof. This placement of this glass piece is prone to stone chips and it will definitely shatter if it gets hit. Mercedes will charge you close to £1000 pounds to replace it. Totally absurd. So think before you buy.

  2. The Mercedes Benz E Klasse is the best full size sedan of the 2010's. It is way better than the super competitive and athletic Audi A6, the athletic BMW 5 Series, the Yankee Lincoln MKZ, or the negro Cadillac XTS. Its design is pure and efficient. This is the ideal full size luxurious car.

  3. Trading in my 3 series and jumping to the E-Class.  You just can't beat the comfort and interior with the Merc.  Basically an S class interior.  The ambient lighting looks so cool!

  4. These things are mainly used as Taxi cabs in Europe. I rode one recently there and was underwhelmed and how cheap the interior looked and felt in comparison to the previous W212 and even the current G30 5-Series. These are the equivalent of the Ford Crown Victoria, maybe durable and functional but W213 looks and feel cheap and nothing special.

  5. Ive always thought of the big 3 Germans the same. Mercedes does luxury the best, BMW has the best driving dynamics by far, and audi is a bit of a middle ground- decent to okay at both.

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