Car Review: Volkswagen Tiguan SUV 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews

Car Review: Volkswagen Tiguan SUV 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews

Awesome Review: Volkswagen Tiguan SUV 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews

Can the new Volkswagen Tiguan live up to the lofty heights of the previous version and out perform its Mazda CX-5 and Audi Q3 rivals? Find out what Mat thinks in our in depth 4k video review where he tests what it’s like to drive, how practical it is and whether the infotainment system will drive you to distraction.

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44 Replies to “Car Review: Volkswagen Tiguan SUV 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews”

  1. I typically like the clean, understated Volkswagen style however this one really misses the mark for me. The shorter wheelbase R-Line looks much much better though! The cladding, lights and other trim bits on that model seriously elevate the design. I'm getting Dodge Journey blah vibes on this particular trim…

  2. the VW dealer gave me a new tiguan once, when i put my golf in for service, i gotta say i wasn't impressed at all, you want a spacious VW? get their wagons, this thing is too slow, too big, and too heavy.

  3. You always say heaps of room in the back. I’m 183. I go to the dealer and they feel small compared to what you say. Maybe you have small legs haha

  4. Keep hearing about jerkiness when manouvering at low speeds in the latest VWs with DSG, the reason is there's no creep facility and that's why I won't be buying the latest Tiggy. Apart from all the new bells and whistles the quality is no where near my 2015 Tiguan.

  5. Tiguan is very practical but very dull and boring looking. Which I prefer over flashy and unintuitive like the bmw cars. Sometimes too much gizmos and bling is unnecessary waste of money and which tend to have many problems. I like high tech but I don’t like the interior of the car to look like the cockpit of the millennial falcon.

  6. You should have reviewed a higher trim level, not the Trendline version of that car with a relatively naked configuration. Even the interior is way better in a Confortline trim(with some more extras like a bare minimum of DLA lights) or naked Highline. That was like doing a review about an Audi or Mercedes totally naked with no sign of extras in the inside(total disapointment btw). The targeted audience will never buy that with the lowest specs and I think even you guys were aware of that. Doing the review this way could compromise an overal opinion about a car negative way for those who watch your channel. The variety of engines, extras, tech stuffs etc makes that car a really good choice for those who has te money to buy the german built car. Just as a suggestion for later reviews it can be a good idea to show images about different trims of a car on that tablet like you showed the active info display if the visual representation of that car can look/feel better compared to the one that you received for testing.

  7. In a car like this hard scratchy plastics in the back is exactly where you need them, where sticky dirty fingers are so its nice and easy to keep clean.

  8. I had a test drive in the SEL, which comes with the massage Seats. I found the drivers seat not that comfortable and after a short drive, had a numb bum. Seat base felt gard compared to the Skoda Kodiaq SEL seat

  9. Not sure folks but best to check. One VW that looks like this model has a chain CAM belt. Problem with chain belts is they start to rattle over time due to heat. £2000.00 (Two Thousand quid) Garage repair bill, I kid you not to replace chain belt, and the head gasket gotta come off, and that's replaced as well !! Best to check folks. Chain CAM Vs Rubber CAM belts. Weigh up the repair cost.

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