Car Rides: 2016 Ford Focus RS review

Car Rides: 2016 Ford Focus RS review

Car Ride:2016 Ford Focus RS review

There’s a lot of hot hatchbacks around at the moment so we best find out if the Ford Focus RS is any good.

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32 Replies to “Car Rides: 2016 Ford Focus RS review”

  1. HI Bob great review of the RS! I live in the uk and one thing I really miss in the focus that we don't get here anymore is the 4 door saloon. Any suggestions as to why ford uk don't supply them and ford Ireland do? I know the saloon shape is popular in Ireland. I still have a 1.6tdci 2004 moon dust silver ghia saloon and it drives a dream since they day and hour I got it. It's as true as the saying 'trust ford'. Great reviews keep it up

  2. Thanks for the excellent review Bob. This car here in Canada is priced the same as an Audi S3. I obviously went with the Audi. If this were priced more like my GTI I would have considered it. Anyway. Keep up the great work.

  3. Nice, really nice, Bob! The M2 has the same problem – 4 colours and only one, ONE!, interior trim! Against Golf R I'd choose this, but probably not over Golf GTI. Oh, and if I'm correct you'd pick Range Rover too if win EuroMillions..

  4. It's interesting, everytime I watch a non- German review the people just love the Focus RS and place it above the Civic Type R and the Golf R. In Germany – VW- land – it's the other way around. Sure, they praise the advantages of the Focus RS, but then they always find putative points that the Golf R can supposedly better. For me, The Focus RS is the best car for that price – only the A45 AMG is faster, but more expensive – and the interior of this one is not bad at all.

  5. Great review as always.
    But (I hate to be that guy)
    I would have been perfect if the music volume was the same level at the beginning of the video that it is at the end.
    I'm not here to discuss music genre or whatever, but I had to jump on the volume because it was way to loud when the video started, and then put it back where it normally is to hear you talk (and hear that 2.3)

    At the end the level of the music was spot on.


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