Car Rides: 2016 Toyota Prius review

Car Rides: 2016 Toyota Prius review

Car Ride:2016 Toyota Prius review

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Here’s the 2016 Toyota Prius, I thought you petrol heads needed some of the thinking updated so leave a comment, subscribe and stay safe.

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27 Replies to “Car Rides: 2016 Toyota Prius review”

  1. Very nice review, the author is honest and down to what count's! Just a bought a 2017 Prius, and as ugly as they are, they are one of the nicest piece of engineering (One can afford) on the street today….and that's what make this car a beauty!

  2. For a modern car, this car actually has exciting style on the outside. I get some people thinks it's ugly; fine. I see sexy, bitchin' car that took risks that paid off. The back end rocks. The taillights are fantastic with the 'zig-zag' laser lines, especially lit up at night. The real frosting on the cake are the tail fins. Gentle, tasteful, but honest to goodness fins. It shows how a supposed bygone era styling feature can be updated and adopted in a state of the art new car.

    By the way, the new Hyundai Genesis may not have tail fins, but they sure have new taillights definitely inspired by the '59 Chevy 'cats eye' or horizontal teardrop lenses. Extremely close in looks. Too bad Chevy didn't think of adopting them again in a new way. The new Hyundai's shimmering tail lights hypnotize me just like the '59s once did when I was a kid and they were up ahead in the distance. Very sexy.

  3. I hear that the batterys in most EVs are very long lasting which has upset industrial facilities that thought they were going to get lots of cheap batteries to store energy.

  4. Nice video Bob, and i agree it is super car, i remember when you reviewed the Auris hybrid (which is the car that i own myself) things have come a long way in the last few years….nice..

  5. I don't know if i have misunderstood something, but isn't this drivetrain also available in the Auris? Where I live the price between the two cars is really huge so the Prius sadly doesn't make any sense.

  6. Hey Bob!!
    I got a friend who works for a taxi company, and they have quite a few Gen 3 Prius's. He's just told me they won't be buying the Gen 4 model because the boot is smaller than the previous model. Don't suppose it'd be possible to do a comparison?
    Love your videos!!

  7. Just upgraded to the new 2016 Toyota Prius from the second generation 2009 version of the Prius absolutely love it still and saving tons of money on petrol here in the united states great video thanks for enlightening others to the future of motoring.

  8. 4.9 ltr per 100km I drive a VW Touareg drove it from Galway out to Connemara today got 6.3 ltr per 100km think I'll stay with my nearly 2.5 ton permanent four wheel jeep

  9. thank you for a relaxing informative like powerful cars..had a 4 speed corvette convertible in 1973 just as the oil crisis struck ..gasoline was .50 cents per imperial gallon..the U.S.gallon is approximately 20% smaller than imperial gallon…am almost finished my 4 year lease on 2012 touring prius..only have 31,000 in montreal the streets have so many potholes in the roadways that the 17 inch touring wheels with low profile tires let you feel every bump and hole in the roadway.when tires wear out ,will put higher aspect size on to have more air to cushion the bumps..i prefer the 2012 rear side window design versus the new one because they eliminate the small rear side window after the 2012 is noisy as they really skimped on the sound deadening on floor and firewall..but i get great mileage..4.2 to 4.5 in summer..[best ever was 3.7 with careful attention to acceleration ].about 5.5 to 6.1 in our brutal winters…radio is weak..the 2016 is supposed to have better noise is such that i have to turn up the volume a lot at 100 thinking of buying the car at lease end and keeping for another 4 years..i like the new front end but prefer the side and rear of my 2012..glad to hear that they refined the it was 32,00$canadian plus taxes of buy it at lease end is 13,500 plus taxes of 15%..for 4 years i paid lease of 417$ cad including tax totaling 20,016$ ancestors came from dublin a hundred years ago..hope to visit you in the future !

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