Car Rides: Active cruise control, is it worth the money?

Car Rides: Active cruise control, is it worth the money?

Car Ride:Active cruise control, is it worth the money?

Stuck in traffic along the M50 in Dublin the other night so I thought I’d use the Active cruise control that’s fitted on my test car.
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14 Replies to “Car Rides: Active cruise control, is it worth the money?”

  1. Is this a manual or a DSG transmission on this? I assume when in brought you to a complete stop it must be a DSG. I can't wait for them to bring out the new superb you showed the other week in the outdoor version 🙂

  2. I have it on my Golf and love it. It works wonders in heavy trafic like this. Even in a city like Istanbul where the rush hour traffic is a total nightmare, I can focus on the music/radio and just relax.
    It takes a while to learn the behaviour of the system and "trust" the car. After that it's a joy.
    Also.. as an added bonus, the collision warning "Front Assist" has gotten me out of a few potentially ugly situations 😉

  3. Not the answer I expected! What happens when someone slips in half a meter in front of you from a different lane, at the same speed as you, does it hit the brakes because of the close distance? (I live in The Netherlands, busy roads with a fair bit of reckless drivers)

  4. Yippie, was going to say the same thing.. but looks good and often wondered if it was worth it, so yes maybe when i get around to buying a car, ill get it/.

  5. yes it's worth the money but it's not a system to be trusted. frequently i've found that when following a vehicle (with gap distance set to maximum in clear weather) if it exits at an off ramp or slip road my car (vw group) will still apply the brakes even though the lane ahead has now become empty. this is not safe for me or anyone behind. its something to be aware of.

    it's also worth noting that with DSG if the traffic comes to a complete standstill my car also stops but prompts me to apply the brake. when the traffic sets off again i lift off the brake, press Resume and the ACC engages again.

  6. i have it on my Volvo XC70 also with the queue assist function. it will be first thing on my list when I think of buying another car. wouldn't even consider one wihtout active cruise control. it's that good!

  7. Will this reduce your insurance or increase it if it isn't fool proof, as you mentioned in the video that you are still gauging if the car will stop or not.

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