Car Rides: All new Mazda CX5 International launch

Car Rides: All new Mazda CX5 International launch

Car Ride:All new Mazda CX5 International launch

The all new Mazda CX5 has just been launched and is now on sale in Ireland. Here’s a video made in two countries about the same car, is it any good?

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46 Replies to “Car Rides: All new Mazda CX5 International launch”

  1. so bob, new qashqai or a 2014 cx5?

    one seems to have the lot, but no soul, the other isn't as well equipped or as good on fuel but its the one I fancy.

    What do you think? if it was your money?

    p.s. top vids!

  2. That would be a very tough choice, the Yeti is a brilliant car with lots of character and a decent level of spec. The CX5 has more spec and a little more room for the money, there's also a 2.2d that will cruise happily on the motorway forever.
    I'd take the CX5 for value for money and kit. The Yeti for the quirky looks and that Skoda feeling.

  3. just a suggestion to make the review better….please focus more on the car and take us through it…not just showing you driving it

  4. Great vid. I'll definitely be having a look at this, having had an A3 sline for the last few years I'm keen to get a much softer ride and am thinking that he sport may be a bit harsh so may opt for the se-l, I k ow the spec isn't so good but I'm thinking that he better tyre profile and softer shocks will be kinder to my arse! Thanks again Bob, really good video.

  5. Just found your channel and love it. Very refreshing. I am in the market for a new car and it is nice to see a candid yet informative review. Thanks from Alaska.

  6. That changes matters, I'd happily take the CRDI Sportage over the petrol CX5. We are having no problems with the Sportage here, 7 year warranty. The Tiguan is lovely but as you say expensive, go for the Sportage diesel

  7. yeah tough choice in my country they sell sportage crdi with 180+hp fully loaded and the cx-5 is the 2.0 gasoline but not the fully loaded lets say the base model so thats my dilemma and tiguan its very expensive over here i have my concerns about the kia cause it has a bad fame and all that stuff any more help?

  8. Sportage is the best looking from the 3, the CX5 has the strongest engine of the 3 and the Tiguan has the best badge of the 3.
    The CX5 is the most practical and has the most kit for the money, I think I'd take the CX5

  9. still the better choice between the two, I drove the petrol at the launch and it's very smooth. I haven't driven the petrol Sportage though so I can't comment there

  10. Really tough choice there, I like the looks of the Sportage more but I love the engine in the CX5. I think I'd take the Mazda but then… I don't know

  11. ohh that's a hard one but as it's mighty Aus I would say the CX5 because it'll be a popular choice as a future used car. The Tiguan has the badge going on though and it's a tad more comfy, it'll also be a tad more pricey!
    I'd still go the CX5, more kit and bigger engine; more is always better

  12. I've driven 2 3008's a 1.6 diesel and the Hybrid 4 both were quiet and decent cars but the CX5 has a 2.2 engine that's very smooth. Cabin noise in the CX5 was minimal, I think for your needs the CX5 would suit you more because of the 4×4 one plus the re-sale value in Australia would be better as Mazda is a popular car

  13. thank you for the review, this car is a hit down under too…just wondering about the noise level at highway speed, it sounded quite noisy compare to let say…peugeot 3008.

  14. Great video, informative and gives a great feel of what the CX5 is like to live with. The 2.2 diesel is the choice of engine in Australia. Please keep up the great work with your reviews.

  15. Thank you for another professional video, could you tell me is there any chance you will be doing a review on the new Vauxhall ANTARA, I would be greatful as there is no up to date reviews on youtube.

  16. Bob, what you would choose Mazda Cx5 or Mitsubishi Asx? Just one or another ..dont tell depend….etc…Thanks,you are doing great reviews…

  17. well they experiment alot more than Toyota! The new Mazda 3 is a bit of an mating experiment gone wrong with a Peugeot 308, even the US press said it resembled a clown's face.

  18. Tax band A in Ireland is something like 200 Euro, in the UK Tax Band A is nothing, free! Still a car of that size in that tax band is very good news for Irish drivers who don't want to drive city cars because of the ridiculous tax system.

  19. Nice looking motor Bob. I can't help but see some similarities to the likes of Sante Fe from the front and a Qusquai from the rear in some certain angles.You mentioned that nobody in Irleland goes for Mazda and you don't know why. Are they like a poor mans Honda the way Seat is the poor mans Volkswagon? Looks a great motor though and for what you say is inclusive kit it's a good deal.So it's the 2.2 150bhp Sport model we should check out. Maybe I'll do just that . Cheers Bob

  20. I kind of like this car, but I am a guy who likes braver exterior designs, and that's one thing that mazda never does, experiment with the exterior styling. Other than that the car looks great, especially those sexy leather seats.

  21. I drive everything! If you mean what do I own, it's a 2006 SEAT Leon because at the time it had great styling and handling. It's never given me a days trouble, that's the daily car.

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