Car Rides: An Irish walkabout | VLOG 3 | Luas red line

Car Rides: An Irish walkabout | VLOG 3 | Luas red line

Car Ride:An Irish walkabout | VLOG 3 | Luas red line

So it’s car changing day again so I decided to go to a Museum before swapping my Jeep for a Ford.

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Filmed entirely on Canon G7X and a JOBY tripod

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10 Replies to “Car Rides: An Irish walkabout | VLOG 3 | Luas red line”

  1. A question for your Q&A when you first started reviewing cars, how did you get hold of cars to test, did you just ring up car companies & ask to do a test drive for a review

  2. I recently took a "safe driving course" (don't know what you call it in English) which is actually mandatory to do in the first 3 years since you obtain the licence (at least here in Slovenia) and the first thing they taught us was the sitting position and how you hold the steering wheel properly.

  3. it's weird how with all the surveillance nowadays following everyone's movements, the suspicious looks on the faces of people watching a guy walk around with a camera still makes me laugh. love these Bob thanks, the music can be a little loud sometimes but the ambience it adds reminds me of another youtuber so it's all good 🙂

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