Car Rides: Audi A3 Saloon International Launch

Car Rides: Audi A3 Saloon International Launch

Car Ride:Audi A3 Saloon International Launch

Audi bring Bob to Hungary to test the new Audi A3 saloon, he goes a little mad on the back roads but it all turned out ok.

A3 saloon available from July 11th with first deliveries in early September 2013
Prices in Ireland from €29,950 On The Road for the 1.4TFSI 125bhp variant.
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23 Replies to “Car Rides: Audi A3 Saloon International Launch”

  1. The newer 1.5 tfsi 150 ps should be the engine now as this video is fairly old. When you say powerful and it goes, I am not sure what you are referring to. I own and drive a Fiesta ST 184 ps and that’s what you call beginning basics of fast, the more powerful cars/owners do laugh at me. So please when you say 150 ps is quick you reference is to what type of people? Mind you I am looking to own the A3 for badge,quality and image with not much compromise on power though. Do you think I will feel a lot jumping down from 184 ps to 150 ps?

  2. Beautiful countryside with plenty of open land. Hungary has completely modern infrastructure. Top to bottom and stem to stern is about 500 km in either direction. Give the fact that Hungary is in the top 15 in world education, I think I'll visit…

  3. After test driving a CLA and The A3 Saloon back to back the A3 is a more practical choice for rear space and economy, both running cost and List Price. Loved it so much I've ordered the 1.4 Petrol Auto Brilliant Red S-Line with Sunroof. Cant Wait!!!

  4. Will there not be very few 125bhp 1.4s sold in Ireland as most go for the (cheaper) lower powered version and even then most will take the 1.6TDI. Is there any difference between it and the Sportback apart from a boot? Whats the rear space like and it would have been useful to at least have some idea of the boot space with something in it to compare.

  5. You're right Bob, the saloon A3 looks waaay better than the hatch! Will you make a video of the new Mazda 3 (which by the way also looks better in the saloon version)?

  6. Thanks for watching the videos, I know there's been a few less this month; I've been making other videos that aren't for my channel but do take up a lot of time. I've also taken a few days off as I've put out a new video every week for 3 years now. Loads of new videos coming starting with Golf GTI first… Today 😀

  7. Van I ask why have you stopped right down with the videos. In the last month there has been 2 videos! Stop going abroad and start going to your local dealers to tell is about the cars. In depth about the quality refinement prices etcc like the good old days!!!

  8. I'm sure it will be quick and comfortable – but not a fan of hatchbacks. Hopefully they can make it sound as nice as the CLA45 AMG (or better!)

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