Car Rides: Audi A6 | new King of the Class for 2019

Car Rides: Audi A6 | new King of the Class for 2019

Car Ride:Audi A6 | new King of the Class for 2019

The all-new Audi A6 has finally launched in Ireland and I’ve had a drive. Here’s a full review of the equipment and features that make the new driving machine the best in class.

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23 Replies to “Car Rides: Audi A6 | new King of the Class for 2019”

  1. I was about to fulfill my Bimmer fixation and last minute I decided to look into the A6. Got a C7 model recently with very low mileage. I think I’m trading in for this in the next couple years. Kind of stole my heart from BMW. And yes it is a Quattro. I’m in love with it!

  2. There is no need for a car to have 1000-km range if you are daily commuter, except British and European people being thick and lazy.

    Just charge the damn car every night you go home…

  3. Bob, great review as always. My father has the current E series and I think the road noise is a little high. I wonder is the A6 quieter?

    I have a Renault Fluence and it seems to be just about as quiet as the E series.

  4. Bob, good video. Thanks. How annoying was the FWD grip? I noticed it was damp/wet in the video. I think the 40Tdi is only available FWD for UK& IE? Thanks.

  5. Audi,s in ireland so very expensive go to the UK and buy one and even with the vrt still come home with a few grand in the pocket and better extras some are nearly 10grand in the difference

  6. I remember you commenting on Volvo's touch screen last year that it was distracting. So why are you not commenting about this touch screen when in fact they are more complicated than Volvo's. 2 touch screens infact. Come on Bob.

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