Car Rides: Audi Q2 day 2 dashboard

Car Rides: Audi Q2 day 2 dashboard

Car Ride:Audi Q2 day 2 dashboard

Back at the wheel for another video and this time it’s all about the dashboard

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5 Replies to “Car Rides: Audi Q2 day 2 dashboard”

  1. Nice! Love this digital dash designs. First seen it in a Tiguan and for me it's a must have.

    Thanks for replying to my questions yesterday, btw … love to seeing more of your content!

    Still, LOVE the choice of your music in the reviews!

  2. Thanks Bob – great review. Loved your one on the Toyota Prius – probably because I bought one back in April '16 and ADORE it! Best car I've ever driven. Keep Up the great work, Mark C. Founder of

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