Car Rides: Chrysler Lancia Ypsilon

Car Rides: Chrysler Lancia Ypsilon

Car Ride:Chrysler Lancia Ypsilon

The little Chrysler comes to Ireland with a weird name, many of you requested this review and the lovely people in Chrysler Ireland happily handed Bob the keys. See what he thinks right here

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30 Replies to “Car Rides: Chrysler Lancia Ypsilon”

  1. Hi Bob just bought an s-series ypsilon 1.2 on the strength of your review,couldnt be happier with it.Two tone paint blue and black,Momo sports interior,8 speaker Bose stereo,privacy glass,16 inch black alloys and aircon.Fuel economy at the moment is 52mpg and the fizzy little engine is whisper quiet at 70mph but has a nice little growl when revved hard, best of all is i bought a one year old car for half the new price.
    Cheers Bob for the advice

  2. Love the little Ypsilon, shame its got the wrong badge though! I wonder if it wore a Lancia badge would they sell more?? Having said that how badly run is Fiat Ireland that they've only sold 1 in 2013!! C'mon Fiat do some advertising on this range!!

  3. so true about the window down. I drive my 156 with the windows down and it is comfortable whereas in my previous golf and focus and most other cars I have driven the wind buffeting is terrible at anything over 60 kph. Now I realize it is another one of those Italian things. Nice review and good car though you had to finish manually πŸ˜‰

  4. Great reveiw traded in my seat mii for an ypsilon black & red after watching this reveiw bob drives like my old fiat 500 love the videos keep it up !!!!

  5. No chrysler here, move on…
    Engine range is the same as panda. I own Lancia Ypsilon 1.2 with start/stop and I'm in love with the car. Absolutely brilliant car for city driving. Quite unique too, because in one year as I drive it I never seen other one on the streets. It is an ALIEN. Average consumption on my is 6.6 l/100 (I mostly drive it in the city so that is very low). Quality is another plus. Service is on 30 000 km so that is good too. And yes, I would buy it again, but now platinum πŸ˜‰

  6. Thank you so much, I am completely independent which means I can say what I like but it also means there's no advertising funding so that makes it hard to keep going but I'll get there!

  7. Well, a funny thing happened today. I bought a white fiat panda :D. Waiting it to get here, hopefully will have it in a week :). 1.2 69 hp petrol πŸ™‚

  8. Hy Bob just wanted you to know, i`m a coin flip away from buying a 60 bhp 5 door citigo or a 75 bhp 3 door Up. The ypsilon is way too expencive, about 13k euro for the base model, and with decent equipement about 15k euro. The Up or the citigo are both 10k euro. Thank you for your advice πŸ™‚

  9. I would say go for the Ypsilon but you've put a good list together that requires careful consideration. The Panda is a brilliant little car and one of my favourites, the Up is the best drive on the list but can be expensive depending on your country. The Picanto is great but not up there with the rest of them in terms of quality and personality.
    I'd want a VW Up but I'd buy the Ypsilon or Panda because they are the most fun. Panda is the most practical

  10. Hy Bob, i just sold my 2008 1.4 Ford Fiesta and i managed to do 40 000km with her, now i am looking to buy a small city car and want it to be economical and practical. I was looking at the chrysler (but here in croatia it will be a Lancia πŸ™‚ ) ypsilon with a 1.2 start/stop petrol. What do you think should i buy one? Is it good? Is it better than the Panda, VW up, Picanto?

  11. How much different is it from the Lancia Y10 which was a dog and sold like icetrays in the arctic. Sadly Lancia have such a damaged image that they have to use Chrysler. Fiat owns Lancia and Chrysler. Why not buy a Punto to Panda?

  12. Unfortunately there is a huge amount of people who only see a car as a means of getting from A to B and they want a badge that shows their status. Most of these people know nothing about cars or indeed driving as a means of pleasure. Thankfully people like us are there to educate them.

  13. What a brilliant looking little car, certainly the Italians have a flair for small cars. Pity most of the car buyers in Ireland seem to only head for the established brands, if they'd only open their eyes & not buy boring Toyotas & VWs then they might be surprised.

  14. I really like these cars. They're different, and quite good looking – I'm sure not everyone will agree with me on that, but then look at the Nissan Juke, a car that widely divides opinion, but sells like hot cakes, even in France where I was recently, they can't get enough of them. Apparently most car buyers want individual cars these days, but this doesn't enter the radar, I've only seen 2 in the flesh in a whole year.

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