Car Rides: Citroen C4 aircross review – comfortable yet annoying

Car Rides: Citroen C4 aircross review – comfortable yet annoying

Car Ride:Citroen C4 aircross review – comfortable yet annoying

The new aircross is Citroen getting rid of airbumps and putting in softer suspension. I wonder if the car any better for the changes?

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27 Replies to “Car Rides: Citroen C4 aircross review – comfortable yet annoying”

  1. I have the 2009 C4 coupe and on the subject of warranties I can say I had 2 problems during warranty on my 3 year unlimited warranty: the interior front light twinkled like a strobe light (manufacturing defect) and after 3 years and 60.000km the key fob was a bit worn.
    Now the car is 88.000 (yes, very low km since then) and I had to change an ac vent thing that controls where the ac is directed (really cheap part and the new one is reinforced so the problem went awsy for good) and the key fob is worn out… Oh wait! It is still as worn as 6 years ago.
    Not even the battery had to be replaced.

  2. I had a C4 for a week and damn I don't want those 1.2 or whatever engines they're putting there. I drive manual and it's just so unforgiving if you leave it in a higher gear and try to accelerate. In any other car even if I brake and don't downshift I still can press the gas and be on my way. Here it was something more along the lines of "oh yeah, I'm below 2000 RPMs, gas pedal only makes the car wobble around a bit".
    Driving a Polo alone with a 1.2 engine is ok, this is not. I don't even want to think what happens if you put three more people there and load the boot.

  3. Hay bob, a whole back I drove a 208 1.3 3cyl, what had an auto box. I was amazed at how good that auto box was. I wad just killing time, but loved that box. No paddles, but for a normal auto, it was the best I've driven. Engine was a bit weak, but the box helped it out alot. Also pug is killing thd interiors atm.

  4. The old one was really a marmite car. I loved it in black with red accents. I wouldn't have one, but I liked it. Also i loved how it 'felt' inside. It felt spacey and art decl ish modern, but when you actully look closely, everything is very cheap, but in an acceptable way.

    Either way, I just liked the old car. Also i liked the air bumps.

  5. I don't understand why people obsess so much with the rear windows, i literally cannot remember the last time anyone has utilized them in my car. I think the C4 is a cracking deal, especially with the new warranty. And I hope that Citroen Denmark will start to offer it here as well, warranty is the key to eat some of that Korean marketshare. But, as always; a great review, Thank you! 🙂

  6. you were one of my first subscribes all those years ago, and you've not disappointed yet. in fact i'd say you've gotten into some sort of stride of late: have always enjoyed the offbeat, whimsical, real world approach you do better than anyone else.

  7. I would say that car reviewers are consistent at picking on things that are different, not worse as cars are reliable and generally are competent.
    The point with climate controls: how many times do you actually change the temperature a day? Once a week? It's AUTOMATIC! There is a windscreen clear button.

    I'm sick of the "VAG does best" talk, I'm bored with them.
    Change is good!

  8. Wow the November weather really does differ around the country:-) Note Kia & Hyundai warranties differ after 3 yrs. So super warranty till yr 3 and not so special in yr 4-5. But we just remember the 5 so if it works for Kia…. As for warranty- which do you expect to see on the road in 10yrs plus- a Merc or Citroen?? The reliability surveys tend to put Fiat/Renault/Pug and Citroen scraping the bottom (bar the new Pug SUVs)./// Still the French do bizzare shortcuts- fuse box left in RHD glovebox so essentially no glovebox (c4 is an exception). The C4 is not the only French car with pop-out rear windows. /// Also In car touch screens that look great but never seem to get better (Renault-Nissan have thrown in the towel and will soon fit Googles Andoid instead of their own).Its not just digital heating control its also the car volume (who ever changes the radio/CD/smartphone volume …..) Even BMW has gone back to a knob (and voice-gesture-haptic touch)
    Why did they lose the innovative door airpods- it cut the shopping door scrapes and made the car stand out /// Does anyone really buy auto transmissions here for cheaper cars? (er.. no) ///Big boot lip means fun trips to the back doctor after getting heavy luggage/shopping out /// Car seats look like cheap soft bench///

  9. Great review Bob!! Your personal style to reviewing is really refreshing compared to certain other reviewers who use water bottles and crisp packets to test cars :/

  10. You need to work on your thumbnail game, Bob. You can't even see the car in the one for this video. The OG, long-time subscribers, or people who show up for The Sunday Service every week probably don't care at all, but it would surely help bring new people in. There's a reason all the big channels put so much importance on that sort of thing. I, personally, like what The Straight Pipes are doing with their thumbnails. Might be worth investigating. All the best, talk to you (to some extent) on Sunday.

  11. IMO, you're doing that turn-to-camera thing far too much. Follow the 1 in 5 rule for film making and break it up with other transitions – or make it feature and do really fast transitions with it (which these days signals "comedy" (thanks, top gear))

  12. A great review and I agree about the heater knobs. On my last visit to a Citroen dealer, I told the salesman that I would have bought the car if it had knobs on the heater and radio. His attitude was basically, tough, they don't do knobs anymore. I've emailed Citroen with my comments but no reply.

  13. The back window design reminded me of the 80’s, such a strange idea, take out the spare wheel, that’ll save weight, and put in proper back windows

  14. I wonder how frequent Citroen's servicing schedule is set and if they have made any adjustment in it's pricing to go along with the new warranty? Audi for example have a different price for in warranty and out of warranty for minor and major services. Out of warranty is a bit steep, in warranty is double that generally. Some manufacturers are very sneaky with things like that. Hopefully the 5 year unlimited sort of deal becomes an industry standard with a few too many offering it now for the so called reliable brands to not back up their own products.

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