Car Rides: Dacia Sandero full review

Car Rides: Dacia Sandero full review

Car Ride:Dacia Sandero full review

Dacia have come to Ireland with 2 offerings (so far) and the Sandero is the most affordable but is it any good?

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  1. It's as reliable as a grandfather clock does that mean you have to wind it up what happens if you lose the key never mind if you get bored you can always look at your crotch.

  2. I bought a new Sandero Stepway last week, the Laureate version with the 90 bhp petrol turbo engine. So far, so good. It is a different driving experience to the Nissan Note that I traded in, but it definitely fulfilled my buying criteria of, affordable initial cost, good residual value and reliability. It seems to be a good car at a great price, and I love the raised driving position, which is an asset here in London.

  3. I've got a dacia sandero definitely good value for money to get a brand new car nowadays for 6 grand is amazing if you go back over 30 years ago to the mid 80s a new Ford fiesta would have probably been at least 5 grand

  4. loved the review (and you are very good at it) … Dont know if i missed it or not , but do they come with a spare wheel in the boot/hatchback? – I hear some of the cheaper cars these days are omitting a spare wheel to save money. And does all Sandero come with remote door locking or is it just the ambiance model? … or in other words does central door locking come as standard or is it an extra option? – cheers.

  5. The big problem with Dacia is the spares, the electrics are poor, fuel gauge, light switches etc are often faulty, poor build quality. Poor trade in value, do the maths. In conclusion this brand is crap. Value for money? buy a mk2 Cortina.The Duster version rusts and leaks like a septic tank in India.

  6. Congratulations you said Dacia and not Datcha like those stupid Americans
    That said the 900 comes stop start to wear out the starter motor and the flywheel , a turbo, computer controlled oil pump and a ton of emission equipment ,
    Like other renaults the windows will fail [cheap plastic clips ] water will run in under the dash where all the electrics are via the bulkhead drains blocking up because they fit flaps on the drains , prior to one you need to check out the price of service parts and labor like timing belt /water pump /dephaser clutch these things are designed to be worked on by the dealers only, special tools and knowledge needed along with deep pockets .
    Renault owner !

  7. right hand drive markets get ripped off by renault with dacia brand , in romania we get good prices to start with and negotiate quite a lot .
    dacia was a partnership comunistic car built by ceausescu but when they killed him renault slowly got more and more command of dacia . ford b-max and 1.0 ecoboost is more romanian than dacia now

  8. This is the worst car i have ever had and i have bought many new car cars over the years. These cars are very poor in quality and poorly put together. My car had many issues with it such as knocking noises from the dashoard and a loud vibration coming from the engine area. There is also alot of vibration noises coming from all different places in the interior fittings. The car spent many days in the garage trying to get all sorts of issues fixed. Sold this rubbish car in the end. Its true what they say that you get what you pay for. Avoid Dacia cars and buy any other brand. Dont make the same mistake as me. You have been warned.

  9. It's very weird that the base model of this car has no radio, considering that the Chinese cars sold in my country (Australia) all have one. And as for the MPH dash, it's all because some countries still use that antiquated system (I am looking at you, UK, USA, Liberia and Myanmar). At least Ireland recently got their act together and gave Imperial measurements the flick.

    Even though Renault hasn't released any Dacia models here, I think it would be a good little car for young ones, students, or even a second car.

  10. I found this a pretty honest and straightforward review for anyone that is looking to buy a small, practical and economical vehicle you could do a lot worse than taking a Sandero out for a test drive.

    I've previously had a demonstrator out for a test drive from a local dealership for a hour, up and down some dual-carriageway roads and its quite a pleasant vehicle to drive.

    Bearing in mind that the Seat Mii weighs in at nearly double the price of a Sandero, this is a vehicle that's worthy of least a test drive and a coffee with a sales rep.

    I look forward to getting mine soon.

    They seem quite popular at the moment!

    Good all round review.

  11. So what if Dacia UK have the base model without the radio. That's what saves costs and hence saves the buyer money. As far as I'm aware, the base model (UK) comes in white colour only and has no electric windows. Again, that saves money. So in short,  Dacia UK gives the option of offering the base model which is why it is the UK's cheapest car. Dacia Ireland has not bothered to import that same model denying Irish consumers of the choice and availability of the basic model. Now does Dacia UK still need a kick in the head??

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