Car Rides: Fiat 500 Twin Air Matt Black

Car Rides: Fiat 500 Twin Air Matt Black

Car Ride:Fiat 500 Twin Air Matt Black

The car that Jason Bourne might drive if he had a choice. We couldn’t get in touch with Matt Damon, his answering machine sounded very angry so we sent Bob off for a drive instead

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27 Replies to “Car Rides: Fiat 500 Twin Air Matt Black”

  1. What a great review. As always by you sir. You just tell it like it is, instead of (as many car reviewers do) talk to us like we are idiots. Thank you.

  2. Dear Bob, thanks for a great review! I have some clinically dead inlaws who judge a car by the level of Self-Importance it confers (ie Big equals Good). They cannot understand the attraction of old Minis, Nivas, 2cvs etc. If you have a pulse however, less can be a lot more.

  3. Love your review style and accent! I'm pleased you reckon it's not just a girls car, as I love its look and handling. Just about to order a blue cabrio, it'll be a long wait!

  4. Bought one last Fall; LOVE IT!!! Although it does get the MPG as advertised. I'm thinking of installing a 15% boost module. It will bring the HP up to 99. The hell with the warrantee; I'd rather have a bigger punch when I press on the accelerator.

  5. Set up a web site, review some cars that you've driven, make videos about it, work 7 days a week for no money and hey presto you too can review cars! I have a review coming of the current Panda but not the previous one.

  6. Your videos are great! Is it your main profession if is it a sideline interest? I'd love to get car manufacturers to lend me cars to review !! Did you ever or are you ever going to review the previous Panda? I've got one and I'd love that 😀

  7. nice my one is twinair 0.9,it like my son,and everytime I go out,everyone talk about my car,the funny thing is the voice of this guy said,little like Lamborghini .:)

  8. I ordered one of these. A red one though with the 17 or so spoked rims. The production and shipping only takes around three months which would be short for some iconic cars, but it's still agonizing and I can't wait!

    That engine just makes it seem more like an angry little car – a small Lambo like he and Clarkson (originally?) said. That does mean it's cute, but what's wrong with that!?

  9. Great review as allways 🙂 Love this car… and this engine looks soooooo fun! That noise! It sounds awesome. Gotta love the TG quote as well. Just sums the car up really.

  10. @Smokerspack Sounds nice !
    By the way, I enjoy watching car vid's and i must say..After top gear, your vid's are my Favorite ! 🙂

  11. @yoelsd it was just a laugh and a tibute, the new Twin Air engine sounds like a sports car. There will be an Abarth coming for test this year so you can expect more Top Gear quotes lol

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