Car Rides: Fiat 500x first drive

Car Rides: Fiat 500x first drive

Car Ride:Fiat 500x first drive

The Fiat 500x has just come on the market in Ireland and buyers seem to like it, so what’s the appeal?
Find out in this little video

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  1. Could be me Bob, but the volume on your vlogs is very low on my computer as opposed to 'other brands'. The intro is fine and then I need the hearing of a bat to follow your words of wisdom. Turn it up mate!

  2. i like your styl which is natural,only thing missing at the end your AUTHENTIC ADVICE for would be buyers.Just say boldly for to buy YES or NO.Then its most effective nd helpful.I still like your ordinary persons attitude,stay like this,i m ur fan nd well wisher,God bless nd progress you.I m from Leicester.

  3. I've tested the BVM5 gearbox on 3 different Peugeots – once mated to a 1.2 petrol and twice to the 1.6 HDi 92 – and the 3 cars all had different feeling gearboxes. I don't know why.

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