Car Rides: Ford B Max review

Car Rides: Ford B Max review

Car Ride:Ford B Max review

Ford has brought us the new B Max with sliding doors and missing pillars this could be the best family car for you.

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14 Replies to “Car Rides: Ford B Max review”

  1. Nice to see you again and reviews are still great! ..BUT it was quite a bad surprise when you didn't say "See you on the far side", but just black screen and GT-R sound 🙁 Wish to hear something more about this lovely little B-max 😉

  2. Absolutely agree with webwolf89. There should be a script and stick to it. We already know our selves what the b max is we want in depth!! What engines are on offer? Price? Other contenders meriva? And how about doing something like bobs score were u rate the car out if 10 in your opinion. At least in this review you named the faults

  3. The front of the car at 4:04, the lights reminded me of a Peugeot 508 and so are the Fog lights. Then the grille reminded me of a Tesla Model S. No surprise as the designer of that car designed Aston Martins, which was/is owned by Ford.

    Overall, the Grille of a Model S and lights of a 508 makes it look like a Fiesta.

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