Car Rides: Ford Mondeo Hybrid never turn off a car while driving | Hybrid dream

Car Rides: Ford Mondeo Hybrid never turn off a car while driving | Hybrid dream

Car Ride:Ford Mondeo Hybrid never turn off a car while driving | Hybrid dream

This is the Ford Mondeo hybrid and it seems that Ford just stuck a battery in the boot, is there more to the Mondeo or is this it? As a bonus, I find out what happens when you press the starter button while driving.

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35 Replies to “Car Rides: Ford Mondeo Hybrid never turn off a car while driving | Hybrid dream”

  1. I drove one as a rental in seattle, washington with a lovelyy chrome grille and LED lighting, but it is called a ford edge with the usual USA auto version with a swivel dial for drive modes. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to start it, however it moves on electrical power and is therefore silent. It was a great car to drive and even got me in trouble by the cops for speeding. Let off with a warning. I found the acceleration slow and brake pedal a little hard to push down with a few cm of dead zone.

  2. It is not just the common 2 liter engine but it is a Atkinson cycle engine. These Atkinson engine have a every high thermal efficiency. Also used by Toyota and Kia (Hyundai). No turbo's, no high output. Also not a great sound but more efficiënt and might last a lot longer.

  3. if the batteries went in the floor they would have to uses materials such as hardened steel and kevlar to reduce the risk of penetration in event of a crash as they could explode rapidly. If the majority of the cars you expect to sell are going to be hybrids, like Toyota, then a skateboard chassis is viable however when only a small percentage of the vehicles will have batteries you put them at the furthest place from an accident.

  4. in 14 minutes nothing has shown anything about the car, you did not open to see the engine, our gadget is not interested in almost every car has a similar gadget, it has an empty space, you are a very stupid man who seems to stop filming clips

  5. My 13 year old Rover 45 2.0 TD does 4.6-5.1l/100km or 55-61mpg and from what I've realised that fancy modern hybrids still can't beat a good old diesel on fuel consumption

  6. I think this goes to show that most traditional automakers just don't get the change in the market! They are so far behind the current change and I expect that many of the current big companies will not survive the next 10 years.

  7. Hardly ever see Mondeo on the road any longer in the UK. The assumption is that every one I do see is driven by a rep for some large company. They might as well give up building the Mondeo. I believe that they are actually doing just that in the USA.

  8. I have the Peugeot 3008 H4 hybrid 2014 model with a 2L diesel engine driving the front axle and an electric motor driving the rear axle. and without trying to save fuel i get 50mpg which for an suv i think is quite good

  9. My Ioniq hybrid is two months old , currently getting 60mpg , expecting it to get into the 70s . I think that possibly this car was designed for fleets , primary to try and grab the Gov discount . Unfortunately they have cottoned on that fleet managers are buying hybrids to save money on the same spec car. Particularly plug ins , but the users are not using the plug in feature. Great review as usual .

  10. The hybrid variant has been on offer since 2014 in Croatia, so I believe it was also introduced in other countries aswell. It actually does OK mpg, but the automatic transmission is just lazy and confusing for the car itself. It is actually for city, countryside use, the battery shuts down above 80 km/h and refuels with braking, so basic stuff. Stupid thing is actually the fact that various car dealers represent it as a great fuel efficient car for long journeys, in reality the mpg is just usual as most other cars for high speeds. Passat is just to basic now and overly expensive, people seriously need to stop pushing it as a “great car” since the Mazda 6 has just wrecked everything else.

  11. Interesting: in US market Fusions Ford has done away with the shift lever. The shift lever was changed out a few years ago for a rotary knob, vaguely similar to the one Jaguar employs.
    The center console is similar to the one used by the Fusion, yet isn't exactly the same. The area between the shift lever and the touchscreen, I believe, is enclosed so that is different.

    And this is more of a correction: I believe the Ford Fusion Hybrid/Mondeo Hybrid use an E-CVT, and NOT a cvt….there is a difference. The E-CVT is a planetary geared transmission, the cvt is not planetary.

    And you are correct, that gas engine sounds like an angry leaf blower.

    Finally, my local Ford dealer is advertising 2018 Fusion "S" hybrids at several thousand dollars LESS than the equivalent 2019 Fusion S as a gas only car…not sure why, but in the US the hybrid Fusion is a sales dud. As a consequence, I can buy a 2018 Fusion S hybrid for the equivalent of £12,000 BEFORE taxes (7% of price) and registration fees and insurance.

  12. I think the double tap on the Start/Stop is a safety mechanism to turn off the engine. Just like you can turn the ignition key to stop on the motorway, you have the option to turn off the engine in case of emergency. And let's be honest, it is highly unlikely that you would accidentally tap the button twice.
    Btw, if you hold the button for 3 seconds, the ignition will shut completely down. Reason is the same.

  13. I wouldn't buy this car. It doesn't excel in ANY way over the competitors. I had this car for 2 weeks as a hire car while my Pug 407 2.0 Diesel was being repaired (crash damaged). I hypermiled the mondeo and got a grand total of 42.5mpg (6.65l/100km). That's simply horrible when my Pug could easily get 65mpg. Best part is, both weighed the same! Stick with the normal diesel and you'll get better fuel economy, more boot space (that battery pack is awkwardly shaped). Or just get something else!

  14. I've got 2014 ford Mondeo Titanium X bs edition. It's got the display unit and everything…however noone seems to know anything about it. They don't know if it can be updated, custom firmware, don't know if it supports the reverse cam, don't suppose you guys will know ?

  15. drove this exact car for six months: a hybrid Vignale in black. never did manage to get much above 50mpg where the wife's Toyota would average 60-something on school runs. heated and cooled leather seats were terrible and, as other comments here note, lesser spec cars are superior (the Titanium leather is softer and smoother, and the cloth is even better still, particularly in very hot or very cold weather). the Vignale widens the two outer seat bases in the second row, making space for a fifth middle passenger nonexistent. the active LED lights are a gimmick and feel like a marketing ploy that's not been properly thought through. the Sony infotainment is truly dire and not worth any premium. i also don't like the heated screen in fancy Fords, which oncoming traffic makes very visible at night. the active cruise control system is dated: it isn't capable of queuing and deactivates below 30mph. the boot space is tiny. all that said, it did drive very nicely.

  16. Another sedan on deaths door. Who cares….fwd 4 banger shopping trolley. Boring drive for old people. Time this pig was sent to slaughter house.

  17. It's Ford Fusion in the North America market and it will be discontinued in 2020 in North America because North America wants Pick up Truck's and SUV's

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