Car Rides: Here's how to drive in the snow

Car Rides: Here's how to drive in the snow

Car Ride:Here's how to drive in the snow

Ok so this is a kind of vlog but you asked for that…right?

Music by the fantastic:

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20 Replies to “Car Rides: Here's how to drive in the snow”

  1. I live in a rural hilly area, my BMW 3 series is area wheel drive and its an absolute nightmare on the ice and snow. any tips or what car to change to appreciated

  2. Hey Bob, just a word of advice for ur viewers freaked out by the snow coming from the snowy North East of America. AWD or 4×4 doesn't mean all wheel stop, even with anti locks. So leave earlier and slow down. Also, backing out of the parking spot after you got coffee, you didn't use back up cam or (i cant believe) is it not on the Volvo?

  3. I'm suprised there's still some northen european countries that don't have rules to mandate the use of winter tyres during the winter period.

  4. Hey Bob, funny you should be driving the S90! I drove from Surrey England to Orsa in Sweden via Gothenburg. Most of it in Snow last November in my Skoda Rapid. I have Summer and Winter tyres for my car. The S90 Wagon is a good looking car but not seen any in the U.K yet? 7 hours in knee deep snow from Goteburg to Orsa with only the odd village in between! Took a quick scoot to Trollhatten on the way back too.

  5. we have Teflon it seams on the M4 motorway by me , so when it rains there is a film of spray .. folk drive fast .. very fast with no lights… all types of are good .. but you have to teach the drivers .

  6. yup, some channels are sponsored by car companies then you see their reviees of their products are trying too appease them instead of being unbiased. (cough….carbuyer and vw)

  7. Thanks Bob, Hearing a chat from a Tyre person would be good.
    Its should also be pointed out to clear the 2ft of snow on the roof of your cars before you drive on a motorway.

  8. Hi Bob! Would love to hear an independent tyre expert talk about tyres. Most videos on youtube are quite sales-y (if that's a word). Keep up the good work!

  9. Totally agree with Bob, I'm always advising people not to scrimp on tyres. There are brands to suit all budgets and types of drivers. Be safe out there.

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