Car Rides: Honda Civic 1.6 DTEC review

Car Rides: Honda Civic 1.6 DTEC review

Car Ride:Honda Civic 1.6 DTEC review

Bob has a drive in the new Honda Civic with a new engine. Honda have put out the 1.6 diesel but is it as good as they say?

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22 Replies to “Car Rides: Honda Civic 1.6 DTEC review”

  1. Oh I love the Irish way of speaking! 🙂 Sadly I moved from Galway to Switzerland 2 years ago after spending the nicest 12 years of me life over in the Wesht 😉 Great review there Robert!
    Ps. Price of this car in ROI comparing to the Swiss price is ridiculously low 🙂

  2. I've had my Civic 1.6 diesel new since January 2014, now on 56k miles and still tight as a drum. No problems at all, front tyres replaced at 46k miles, still on original rears (still legal, but will need changing in the next 1k miles or so)! Averaged overall about 65 mpg (proper brim to brim calculation), the best I've had is 77 calculated (the trip has shown over 100 mpg at times). Great underrated car, much better than the boring Golfs you see everywhere.

  3. Bob it was your review that persuaded me to give the Honda Civic a test drive. I picked up the SR model yesterday. thank you for planting the idea of a Civic in my head. The car is outstanding.

  4. I'm a recent convert to your channel and reviews Bob and have to say I'm really enjoying watching everything I've seen so far.

    Your enthusiasm and honesty is infectious and really entertaining but the flip side is that you're not helping me decide which car I should go for next.  I was thinking I had narrowed the short list down to either a Passat 2.0 TDI or an Insignia 2.0 CDTI and had no inkling to look at the Civic, BMW 520d, Skoda Octavia or Mazda 6 but now feel I have to investigate those for myself.

    So no thanks for making the decision easy but much respect for broadening my horizons and removing the blinkers a bit.

    Well done sir.

  5. I'd LOVE to see this same engine technology in a smaller car, with a 3 cylinder, 1 liter engine. That car could get close to 100 mpg while cruising at 62 mph. These cars are necessary. Fuel in 2020 may be $12 a gallon.

  6. Great review of a brilliant little car that seems to be overlooked.
    We have the 1.8 petrol down under in NZ and we love it, superb quality, finish and just a really good drive. I love the design, refreshingly different and stands out.
    This week we take deliver of the 2015 gen 3 Jazz RS, Honda all the way!!

  7. I got my 1.6dtec SE Plus – T early March this year. Overall, it is good. But beware that when you add the T grade, you lose the subwoofer, the Talk button on the steering wheel, and DAB radio. Because the sat unit you get is not the same as what they have as standard on higher spec models, and it does not support those features you lose. Honda website is misleading here and nobody at the dealership will tell you thin voluntarily. I complained to Honda UK several times but they did not even respond to to my complaints. Also my T grade sat  goes on and off on certain streets and the dealership says that there is no problem! Also, unlike in other Japanese cars I have bought before, I have to really bang in the doors to properly close them – the dealership accepted that there is a problem with the boot lid lock anyway. Also, the parking sensors are crazy – they beep non-stop even when a vehicle is over 5 metres from you, and this is not what I have expereienced in my other car which is a Merc. I have now permanently switched it off! Also, do not be fooled by those mpg figures they claim – I druve very craefully and smoothly but I get no more than 56/57 mpg urban and no more than 66 on motorways. Driving is easy and smooth though. Check theses things before you buy andf good luck!

  8. Pleasantly surprised by your channel and the reviews. The production value is a bit domestic but who cares about that, we get that from Top Gear …

    This review in particular makes me want to test drive this Honda … considering other reviews I always thought it's a missed opportunity or just an average car but … now I want to know what the fuss is about …

    Keep up the good work!!

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