Car Rides: How practical is the 2017 Skoda Octavia?

Car Rides: How practical is the 2017 Skoda Octavia?

Car Ride:How practical is the 2017 Skoda Octavia?

Couldn’t find a good way to show the practical stuff so I made a film about shopping.

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24 Replies to “Car Rides: How practical is the 2017 Skoda Octavia?”

  1. I'd rather have a metal ring each side. As I have a bungee cord I stretch across, and thread all my shopping bags handles.

    It's the curse of a big boot. The ka owners not not of this issue.

  2. Hello Bob, I have the 2012 Fabia Combi 1.6 105 tdi Elegance. Another swiss army usefulness car, eats up the motorways, surefooted in the country, comfy & heaps of carrying capacity. Love it.

  3. Is it still true that Skoda gets VWs last gen engineering to sell to cheaper markets or is it just a vw made cheaper than Germany and sold to those with more basic needs (not that VW threw lots of free tech at you)

  4. I just like your videos so much, your attitude, the music you put in, the way you talking about the cars… easy and relaxing
    my greetings from Prague 🙂

  5. Mm mm more to go wrong,,, I dunno… Just like any modern device in your home, you want it to do everything and yes it may or may not break but you wouldn't go back to the one you had before. The passat I have has only ever needed wheel speed sensors which are cheap enough from vw, all the other stuff like electric handbrake, auto lights, auto wipers, auto air con, auto hill hold, auto dimming mirrors, auto dimming headlights, auto close windows, auto close doors, none ever gave trouble. And unlike some I use every single one of them and have 350000klm on the car with nothing more than regular services. But that said I hate the passat as I find it much to firm and the seats a little firm.And no I wouldn't buy another passat.

  6. It worked fine in any other car I've had. The fact you can open, start and lock your car without ever taking the key from your pocket… I love that… It's so much more convenient.

  7. Yup, Škoda's da best! Dad had a Roomster as a company car and while looks was questionable, but was brilliant to live with! Would love to get a Škoda and drive it forever. Great vid as always, Bob!

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