Car Rides: Hybrid or Electric | Volkswagen E-Golf V’s Golf GTE | Perfect two car garage

Car Rides: Hybrid or Electric | Volkswagen E-Golf V’s Golf GTE | Perfect two car garage

Car Ride:Hybrid or Electric | Volkswagen E-Golf V’s Golf GTE | Perfect two car garage

Volkswagen let me drive both the E-Golf and GTE Golf so I thought I’d settle the debate as to which one I would choose, hybrid or all-electric.

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24 Replies to “Car Rides: Hybrid or Electric | Volkswagen E-Golf V’s Golf GTE | Perfect two car garage”

  1. I live in Colorado USA, and own a 2018 1.8TSI Golf Alltrack (AWD). Absolutely fantastic driver! If VW offered an AWD e-Golf Alltrack with a high range (say ~350km) – I'd happily trade in my 2018 Alltrack in a second. While the 1.8 TSI is a great little engine – give me a good and (relatively) affordable VW EV and I'm sold.

  2. I just want an affordable conversion kit. I have a 2009 C class estate C180 Blueeffciency. I love the shape of it and Ill be happy even with a hybrid kit for now since I moved only 7 miles away from work and reduced mileage considerably.

  3. Your so right were all responsible. Great job this video was what I was looking for
    Individuals don't have the patience to wait to charge a EV they rather give thier money to the oil companies.

  4. Just bought a GTE, and absolutely love it! Here in Denmark, we get a huge tax discount on cars rated high for MPG. The GTI cost around 480.000 dkk, compared to 350 for the GTE!
    VW actually arent giving the real numbers. GTE is listed as 7.6 sec 0-100 but real numbers are well below 7..

  5. Another great review from Ireland which is rare. I would say as a media and complete YouTube junky you videos would get far more views with crisper graphics and a more balanced sound to commentary. Presentation wise very personable and well done on another enjoyable video

  6. I think it is cool how VW is continually refining the golf, and this looks like a very natural progression. My impression is that it isn't so much an "electric car" as it is a car that happens to have the option of being powered by an electric motor. But maybe I'm biased? I had a mk6 TDI, (sold back to VW, because Amer'ca!?), now own a mk7 GTI. Who knows, maybe I'll get an electric next?

  7. I would love an e golf. Unfortunately all my troubles with my regular golf are electrical, doors won’t unlatch, lights won’t light, etc. etc. so how would a fancy, all electric car from Volkswagen fair when they can’t get the basic wiring in the doors and hatch to last??? Basic wiring, a bust. Repairs and glitches.

  8. Until Golf or any other similar prices car can do at least 350+ km with one charge INCLUDING in winter with heating and all on then i'm sold. Its just too little current model.

  9. Diesels will never be clean. Ever. The soot may be reduced but the micro particulates are still there. They cannot be filtered. They are too small for any filter. Even our bodies cannot filter them. We are all being conned with this clean diesel rubbish. The pm2.5 particles will always be there.

  10. Ive been considering an leaf for several years now. But not bought one because our cabin is 310km away. So that means i would have to charge 2-3times on the way. But Hey, how often Im i there? Couple times a year. My qashqai doesnt have a towbar anyway for my campingtrips. So the few times i Need a ice car i can rent it for the 50k a year i save.
    Going to sell the QQ and buy an leaf. Better late than never.

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