Car Rides: International first drive: Skoda Superb 2015

Car Rides: International first drive: Skoda Superb 2015

Car Ride:International first drive: Skoda Superb 2015

I went to Italy for the first drive of the new Skoda Superb and here’s what I thought of it.

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20 Replies to “Car Rides: International first drive: Skoda Superb 2015”

  1. I'm a fan Bob, but I'm inclined to agree about the music (is it needed at all to convey how quiet and silent a car is?) and single shot, or at very least the angle of the single shot; in some of your other videos you shoot wide angle from passenger side looking at you that way so you get to see the interaction with the controls as well as you, which I think is good. I know we're all sounding like we're fecking experts but I guess we've all watched enough car shows to know what we like and what we don't. Love the presenting style, especially love the older car reviews such as the Golf and the Skoda you did, would be great to see more of that.

  2. As good as a Golf R really? 

    Skoda is always focused more on the utility, practicality, and comfort side. They always get the engine, transmission, and other parts from VW group, but the chassis is always biased towards other attributes than a VW, which creates a difference.

    But your comment made it look like they didn't do the differentiation this time. I think it will always be one step lower compared to the VW lineup in terms of chassis balance, and up a notch on the comfort side. Maybe it's due to the MQB platform that made it so good that the difference isn't that clear anymore. Is this Superb on MQB?

  3. Currently a new model Octavia VRS owner and this looks like a serious machine … Looking forward to seeing the Irish review – would you say it's up there with the A6 in terms of a driver's car?

  4. I presume that's the 2.0 TSi 280bhp?? Looks like a bit of fun!  I know its not the exact car we'll see in the Irish market but as a current Superb owner I'd be interested in the build quality and ride versus the MkII Superb – is it much better?

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