Car Rides: Is the new Audi A7 really worth the money?

Car Rides: Is the new Audi A7 really worth the money?

Car Ride:Is the new Audi A7 really worth the money?

The Audi A7 was one of the first cars I ever reviewed on YouTube so it’s great to be back with an all-new model, let find out if it’s any good.

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30 Replies to “Car Rides: Is the new Audi A7 really worth the money?”

  1. Bob, its a good, well made car etc etc but do you ever find yourself questioning whether you are biased towards VW group products? Since the diesel scandal, where VW was found to be killing people in order to avoid meeting standards set to protect health & the environment, I will never buy a vw car again….as long as i can avoid it anyway. Others seem to follow the same thinking – VW group sales down most of any car maker as a percentage…considerably more then the maker with 2nd most fall….will you join me in boycotting the company which risked your long-term health too.

  2. I’d personally choose the new Audi A6 instead and save money as you get the same stunning interior and tech. The A7 is great though, loving what Audi are doing lately.

  3. No i would not …Mad money cos of VRT/tax etc..and the depreciation after just buying and driving it off the forecourt is insane here! ..but if uve oodles of money and ure into it why should my opinion matter.. Id Buy a Skoda Superb and cruise the world with the change! 🙂

  4. €104k… ffs it really is painful buying a "luxury" car in Ireland with VRT. One thing that I think could be done to in some way equalize the crazy imbalance on the pricing of cars in Ireland would be to only charge VRT on the BASE PRICE of the vehicle. Options should be charged at normal vat but exclude the VRT. All the big players Audi, BMW, Merc… by the time you add on the "bells n whistles" the price can be an extra 25-40% extra. Thoughts? You can comment on Sunday Service! 🙂

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