Car Rides: Kia CEED 2018 first drive review

Car Rides: Kia CEED 2018 first drive review

Car Ride:Kia CEED 2018 first drive review

I went to Portugal to review the all-new Kia CEED and here’s how I got on.

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20 Replies to “Car Rides: Kia CEED 2018 first drive review”

  1. Hello bob,
    The Honda civic looks better in my opinion,
    but costs much more here in Portugal, do you recommend any different car Brand/model to test before buy this one? I really love the blue <3.

  2. That's a great car, ticks all the boxes. Sure, the new Mercedes A-Class beats it, but that one also costs 30-50% more in a nice trim so not really a valid comparison. Kia did yet another stellar job with this one. The Sportwagen is looking great, too. Now waiting for the shooting brake. I really hope some of the concept is seen back in it, like a smaller Stinger.

  3. Bob why don’t you do more of a review about the interior of the cars you drive, like boot space, space for passengers in the back etc etc .. these are things that people want to know about when buying a car

  4. The last Pro Ceed was a little cracker in the corners. I can't wait to try this. Any idea if they're bringing the Pro Ceed out again? Also what's the power in the 1.4 turbo petrol?

  5. All these little hatch backs are looking so similar to each other that I guess it’s a win win with what ever you buy. However Bob your reviews are superb and always enjoyable to watch.

  6. Why Cee'd?

    Originally it stood for:

    Communauté Économique Européenne, Engineered and Designed.

    Using EEC (as the EU/EEA was it's principle market, and known as CEE in some countries.)

    Too many 'E's, so they used the apostrophe and therefore it was known as the Cee'd.

    Obviously it seems to be a name in its own right and it's now all one word, Ceed.

  7. Nice first drive Bob! Great work (as per usual!) will you be doing a full review of the 1.4 GDI? I have the current 1 litre GDI Ceed, and it’s a great car – very well put together and a lovely looking thing. The only let down is fuel economy (probably my driving style) and the gearbox. It’s not so much the gearshift (feels solid – similar to a golf), but the gear ratios that are the problem. First gear runs out way too quickly, so you’re always flying through the gears until you get to third or fourth. Then fifth and sixth are all but useless apart from on the motorway. It just feels like if that problem was tweaked, the car would be near perfect.

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