Car Rides: Kia Stonic launch first drive review

Car Rides: Kia Stonic launch first drive review

Car Ride:Kia Stonic launch first drive review

Kia has just launched the Stonic in Europe and even though it has a weird name it still might be ready to disrupt the market segment.

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22 Replies to “Car Rides: Kia Stonic launch first drive review”

  1. The seats in my car are completely manual in all directions with no memory settings. Can you think of any way to mark it somehow so I can tell where I had it before if someone moves it?

  2. Good review Bob, I'm sure you ignore the moaners. I can see I must start to lose my bias against cars like Hyundai and Kia although I've barely recovered from accepting Japanese cars as OK. Like the separate roof colour, but not sure of the combo in the test car.

  3. I posted this elsewhere:
    So emissions controls are making the trucks and cars uneconomic to run after 3 years? Given that a vehicle's carbon footprint is about 60% in its build and scrapping and 40% in its use on the road it means that the government is causing pollution by forcing vehicles to be scrapped prematurely. When will the morons in government offices understand that in vehicle terms Cuba is the most environmental nation on earth? Because the pollution caused by building new vehicles is non-existent as everyone runs around in ancient vehicles. This is the big secret that car manufacturers don't want you to know, that the building of vehicles causes more pollution then their use, in the meantime they collude with environmental officials to force people to buy new vehicles on the false grounds that this is environmentally friendly. All the vehicle taxation rules in the EU are designed to force people to buy new (preferably German vehicles because the German vehicle manufacturers control EU transport policy). Even the banks are in on it as they get to finance new vehicles. Right to Repair and heavy taxation of new cars is the environmental way to go.
    What do you think?

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