Car Rides: Mercedes A Class full review

Car Rides: Mercedes A Class full review

Car Ride:Mercedes A Class full review

So Bob and Leah take on the Mercedes A Class in their first outing, the all new baby Mercedes is the first of a range of new cars to come out over the next year, does it set the trend for good things to come?

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26 Replies to “Car Rides: Mercedes A Class full review”

  1. Thanks for reviewing the normal person's version of this car. Every damn review on youtube is showing us the all pimped out versions which cost 36k+€

  2. i would not trade this for my old A "ever"…and that is not because it looks like golf with a star on its hood…here a few things i think you might have missed – you dont have head room in the back if you like 6' (not better then the old one), you have to watch your head when you get in and out because the rear doors are even smaler, and its so much longer then the old one, that if you live in a city its pretty much useless to look for a place to park it, and even if you find a parkingspace, you cant see anything in the back because the b and c column block your view anyway, plus there is the bigger engine that you need to push all the extra weight around…but i guess thats just me, and if you are a young family, and money is no problem at all, which usually is not for any young families these days im sure its a nice car…nice video though…i just wish would have brought up some alternative points in your review too, not just that its nice to drive down a country road, sorry mate just my opinion

  3. +Bob Flavin Hi bob thank you for your amazing review's. I want to ask you about something, which is the fastest and better at handling betwen these cars, : Audi a3 2.0 TDI 184hp QUATTRO S Line Pack  – Mercedes A 220 CDI Amg Pack – BMW 120D M PACK ?. thanks

  4. Bob I am amazed you didn't comment on that stupid tablet stuck on the dash, it is like they forgot to put it on and then stuck it on after……I think that is a dissaster and will put buyers off, horrible….

  5. bob..i just booked the a 200 1.6 petrol.wih 154 different is it from the diesel?
    i am concern on the car being underpowered and also it having a hard suspension and loud engine and road noise as it has run flats…please advice?..i wold have loved o get the a250 sport but thats like 40k more in malaysia..really confused

  6. In the background, it's interesting to see the American suburban style homes. I grew up believing that the Irish lived in rock huts with grass roofs and boiled rocks for food. This is why we have such giant teeth.

  7. Volvo, Mazda, Mini and Ford use the PSA Peugeot Citroen 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 HDi engines. Also Fiat and Toyota use the 1.6 HDi engine for the Scudo and ProAce vans. Furthermore the PSA 2.2 HDI 200hp engine is being used in Land Rovers and Jaguars as well as Ford.

  8. Rolls Royce uses BMW engines, Volvo uses Ford, Fiat and Peugeot share diesel engines, Renault makes some nice F1 engines, Porsche uses an Audi TDI engine, Land Rover uses Jag TDI engines, Alfa uses Fiat engines, Audi uses VW TDI engines. The smaller the engine is or the fewer you need, the better it is to partner with another engine maker (ideally a leader) to generate volume, share R&D and build the best engines you can share.

  9. Bob, did you not mention that Mercs were for old people? Moving from this to the C-class, will that not be quite different. Sharp handling and C-class (unlike the BMW3/A4) does not come to mind. PS most reviews for the A-class have been poor (handling/kit/visibility/performance). Seen very few around (South Dublin anyway)..It looks like Mercs attempt at an A3

  10. cmagennis927: If people should buy cars by your philosophy no cars would do.. Mercedes have a notorios history of corrosion – so you should never buy cars where parts from Mercedes are used ??? or do you "bet" without knowing that it´s no longer a topic ? Mercedes woud never put that engine under their bonnet without extensive research and testing as well as huge modification… so if want to give the car back just because of the French designed engine = Snob!

  11. Well if you have driven the 1.5 dCi 110 you'd know why it's a bad thing in this car. It has the power band of a strimmer and sounds like a box of spanners being shaken about. Plus they aren't that reliable. If you look at how the older 1.5 dCi 86/ 106 engines are so unreliable i'm almost bet this updated one will still be unreliable.

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