Car Rides: Mercedes CLS 2019 review – better than the 6 series?

Car Rides: Mercedes CLS 2019 review – better than the 6 series?

Car Ride:Mercedes CLS 2019 review – better than the 6 series?

Can the Mercedes CLS really be better than the Audi A7 or the BMW 6 series Gran Coupe? I try to find out what Mercedes are really up to with the new CLS so be sure to subscribe for much more car fun.

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16 Replies to “Car Rides: Mercedes CLS 2019 review – better than the 6 series?”

  1. Typical Cls for Irish market, low spec basic car charged at premium price. No air suspension, no sunroof, no v6! How cheap are they to give presenter this basic CLS for review? I drive W218 cls 350 cdi imported from uk with all the spec you expect in this high class car. 2l diesel in this type of GT car is an insult. Who needs touch screen? When you drive you not suppose to fiddle with screens or phones. And also the car has good voice command, try to learn how to use them.

  2. What's your "mammy" told ya about OPERATING DRONES WHILE DRIVING Bobby boy, it's a big NO NO, Yee can clearly see the 2 antenna in the shot, you can't kid a kidder !

  3. Bobby boy, your causing me severe confusion !!!
    In your MAIN heading you say it's a 2019 mercedes your testing, THEN, when the video starts, you say it's a 2018, put me out of me fecking confusion Bobby boy !!!!

  4. posted on your A7 review, but dont think you saw it. Got a few likes and replies and I'm keen to know what you think, Best Wishes. :

    Bob, its a good, well made car etc etc but do you ever find yourself questioning whether you are biased towards VW group products? Since the diesel scandal, where VW was found to be killing people in order to avoid meeting standards set to protect health & the environment, I will never buy a vw car again….as long as i can avoid it anyway. Others seem to follow the same thinking – VW group sales down most of any car maker as a percentage…considerably more then the maker with 2nd most fall….will you join me in boycotting the company which risked your long-term health too.

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