Car Rides: Mercedes GLA 2017 Review | Bob Flavin reviews

Car Rides: Mercedes GLA 2017 Review | Bob Flavin reviews

Car Ride:Mercedes GLA 2017 Review | Bob Flavin reviews

There are so many choices in this segment that I can’t honestly say that the GLA is the right car. There are so many new cars about to come into this market that it might be wise to hold on until we know what the competition is doing.

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26 Replies to “Car Rides: Mercedes GLA 2017 Review | Bob Flavin reviews”

  1. Your buying a badge. And more power to them if they find fools to buy them. Same with BMW.

    What did Clarkson once say "if BMW could, they would charge you for the air in the cabin".

  2. Reliability has also allegedly been a bit off recently too according to Mark Cadogan.

    Bob, a good review making me scratch my head wondering what this car is for, when a Toyota or a Mazda CX can do the job better.. Heck, I'd even look at what the Koreans are doing..

  3. Mercedes in the budget range cant compete on feature for feature on price against a Jap or Korean cars. Also the build quality of Merc on these cars are poor. Apple car play and Google Auto are definitely a millennial thing. That poor CD player will be a thing of the past.

  4. Is this essentially a Renault Kadjar with slightly different styling and a Merc badge? I'm not convinced the hook up between Renault and Mercedes is a good thing for Mercedes.

  5. This thing doesn't compete with the XC60 [the GLC does that] but with the Nissan Qashqai, or just about with the Honda CRV.  It really doesn't compete very well with them. However, some people will pay extra for the badge, but truthfully that badge signifies more 'rusty delivery van' to me these days than anything.

  6. A Mercedes dealer put my mum and dad off one of these saying it is not a full merc (shared Nissan bits) compared to his old c class so he bought a new one of those it even has this engine and it does sound rough sometimes.

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