Car Rides: Mini Cooper 7 review

Car Rides: Mini Cooper 7 review

Car Ride:Mini Cooper 7 review

Here’s the first drive of the new Mini Cooper 7. Let me know what you think of the new Mini in the comments below.

Yes I read them all!

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17 Replies to “Car Rides: Mini Cooper 7 review”

  1. When did MINI start using Trees for doors? And (Tree Mode?).. Is that some new super eco woodburning stove that powers it lol?
    Seven-7 has something to do with Heritage, I think its supposed to be a kinda Special edition tribute to the old (Austin-7) It also comes in various engine specs,
    from a (1.5 Petrol 132-HP Turbo).. right upto a (2.0ltr Petrol 192-HP Twin Turbo).. and some diesels which probably arent worth mentioning lol.

  2. The present mini is just like the original, it's been around forever but was so well designed originally, they can't get rid of it lol

  3. Love Mini's so much, I named my daughter after them in 2001. I'd had three old Minis, an Austin Morris, a Leyland and a Rover and really wanted a 'new Mini' for Christmas 2001 and had been expecting my daughter on 17/12/01 but when she didn't arrive, I told my ex that I still wanted a new mini for Xmas but the vile cretinous man never bought me one (that's not why he's the Ex) but I waddled thru Christmas extremely pregnant and Mini was eventually born on the 28/12/01…her name is lovely and she is a big Mini fan too.

  4. I have a Mini Paceman. It's far bigger than the older Mini Coopers but strangely closer to the current size chubby marshmallow Cooper. I really would like to see them trim down the styling in the future.

  5. If you wish to observe really bad driving in the UK, simply follow a Mini for a few minutes and you won't be disappointed. Mini it ain't!

  6. What your otherwise very intriguing reviews lack is a short walkaround and maybe just a quick summary of what you find interesting about the interior and exterior. No hate, just constructive criticism.

  7. I've got the countryman Cooper s with the jcw upgrade pack and that's got everything on it. Great car and great chassis, you can really chuck it about and have some fun. My only criticism are the run flats fitted as standard by mini, they definitely stick to the road but the ride is harsh.

  8. Surprised the sport setting is not better. Think of this like a Focus ST not the RS. So a warmer version of the plain Mini. Remember its a BMW1 underneath and thats been a dud.

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