Car Rides: Nissan Juke

Car Rides: Nissan Juke

Car Ride:Nissan Juke

The new Nissan Juke, is it any good on Irish roads? More important is it any good on the track? Bob Finds out

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16 Replies to “Car Rides: Nissan Juke”

  1. Good review. I had one of these on rental for a week and think it was one of the worst cars I have driven in a long time. It was so underpowered that in normal or sport mode cruise control couldn't keep the car at 120km per hour (5th gear) on Spanish motorways with small inclines, after dropping to about 95km/hr the cruise control would just disengage! Cornering is terrible and it looks butt ugly. There is no room in the boot. Thankfully it was only a week!

  2. @LittleMikeStarCraft Yes that's my name, thanks for watching. There's nearly 80 videos up on the channel and currently 3 in post production, so tonnes more to come

  3. @xtrailrijder1 well we didn't make up the sound you hear in the video, there is quite a bit of understeer when you turn off the traction control. It's still fun to drive though

  4. @QuinceM1 Cheers, I'm glad you liked it. I did ask Nissan Ireland for the AWD model but I'm not hopeful. I'm sure you'll enjoy owning the Juke, the Diesel one is very economical.

  5. @rayamanelly unfortunately the AWD version is only becoming available in Ireland now and as most of Juke's in Ireland will be the 2WD versions we may not get to test the bigger one. Thanks for watching

  6. Great review, one of the best I've seen of the Juke so far. Liked how you showed the understeer. I know friends who have upgraded from a Yaris to a Mini. I'm not a Mini fan myself, when I heard of the Juke, this seemed like a perfect fit for me. Living in Canada, I appreciate the available AWD and traction control for our winter roads. Just enough to give me the power and traction I want, but not too big to be uneconomical.

  7. Don't agree actually about the understeer… My Juke never has screeming tyres or understeer. I drove a Primera witch are well known about the fantastic handling but the Juke does it better on all the points. And i 'm a sportive driver so it's not that i don't try!

  8. It should tame some of the understeer to have 4wd but you're not going to drive everywhere with the 4wd on. Under normal conditions the Juke handles the road very well, it's just a bit front heavy.

  9. I liked seeing actual demonstrations of the driving aspects of the car – like the traction control. Now – what about an AWD juke? Wouldn't that limit the understeer?

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