Car Rides: Nissan Qashqai 2016 review

Car Rides: Nissan Qashqai 2016 review

Car Ride:Nissan Qashqai 2016 review

It was Christmas and I felt good and then it was over and I didn’t. Welcome to night time.


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15 Replies to “Car Rides: Nissan Qashqai 2016 review”

  1. Fantastic review. Have you got the Seat Ateca in Ireland? And the Skoda Kodiaq? You used to like Seat and Skoda makes. It would be great to know your thoughts on those.

  2. Bob , I remembered Billy Joel 70's song " love you just the way you are" may be it best describes this Nissan
    You make car reviews such an interesting subject to follow …. I am a big fan
    Thank you

  3. I agree with you , ive had 3 Cashcows , going from 1.6 L up to 2L ones and yes, they are good cars.. but have too much meh ! i know have a hybrid 3008… but miss the cashcows

  4. Brain melt was going for cx5 took a drive in the quasqai liked the optional extras and was cheaper than the Mazda but looking at the tucson but there is to many of them on the road. I need guidance.

  5. I hated the steering! Have they tuned it or is it like it was before? You quickly turn left and right and the car follows very slow your movements? Couldn't pinpoint the car along the lines on a bending road, it was impossible. The suspension is quiet and that is a good thing.

  6. The minivan of Europe. A range rover disco for the peasants. Nissans master plan – Project bland is almost completed. "I drive a Quashai" = I have kids, nothing else to add" . Looks tough but would fail in a damp field.
    Tiida is aimed at those who hate cars and driving or are cursed. Not sold in the UK, boring even for Nissan UK…Luckily Nissan dealers can't look themselves in the mirror when they sell one (says alot). They're praying to the car god's for the new Micra, every day. From the designers who bought you the Bluebird, Primera, Micra and other bland and boring icons. Maybe all the crap Renault designers they cannot fire are sent there. As innovative as those who invented the CVT or car cupholder. The GT-R shows all is not lost (well mostly lost)

  7. The Qashqui feels like it empties my soul into a frying pan of waste oil, effectively turning my soul into a Nissan induced sludge. I've always felt this about that car, until I sat into one less than a week ago – it felt worse again.

  8. That Tiida was a disgrace. A 1.5 petrol sourced from Mexico apparently, then put into a body that was successful in Japan a decade back. Had one as a loan for 2 days in 2008. It used to make me feel ill. Jerky drive, engine didn't suit it at all.

  9. Excellent review once again Bob! Just a quick question, would you recommend the 1.5 dci or the 1.6 dci? I know there's a 1.2 turbo petrol but I think that might be a little underpowered for it? Thanks ­čÖé

  10. A man whispering sweet nothings to the car he's drive-mancing ,,,, like your style . These cars look so comfortable to "be with!" no wonder they sell like hot cakes . Must own one sometime before my clogs time-expire .

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