Car Rides: Now THIS is a Ford Edge

Car Rides: Now THIS is a Ford Edge

Car Ride:Now THIS is a Ford Edge

Yes the Ford Edge is big, brash and finally here. This is the first impressions.

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20 Replies to “Car Rides: Now THIS is a Ford Edge”

  1. Bob have to say this review is dreadful. Its rushed, ┬áthe sound when you do actually do talk is awful and why oh why the music, it seems to dominate the review it should be background … sorry but you are better than this

  2. Man, I am at the point where I would bear children to your taste in music if asked to. How about starting spotify playlists or something like that? I do 130 000 km a year behind several wheels and would LOVE to download the offline playlists to carry me through the ass-ache of plowing through the continent in a days' time. As for the videos you do, I love how yours are completely different from the rest of the specs-parades. Your reviewing style nicely ties all the info together under a summarization of the "feel" of the car. And you always keep it down to earth, whereas a lot of reviewers tend to get sucked into a luxury-bubble by spending so much time in the high-spec review wagons that most buyers won't realistically be acquiring anyway.

  3. My biggest issue with ford, I own a 2011 cmax, so things may be different, is the interior stuff. Rear parcel shelf is terrible, it's in 2 parts and pops off easily, climate control is difficult to use because the buttons and dials are so small and the windows are sooooooo sloooow. I could go on but I'm bored of listening to the voice in my head.

  4. it's getting bit annoying, you should rather produce less videos but better quality content wise. I mean come on, all you said was this is ford edge very American, opened a boot and you call it a car review? why would anyone be backing you up on patreon for shit like this? don't get me wrong I like you and I used to enjoy your videos but it's going down hill for some time now. Since you getting these cars for a week or so, you should review them more thouraly and show what's it's like to live with vehicle every day: space in car for kids, shopping, how easy is to park or fill up tank or something along those lines, then I start watching you again. good luck!

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