Car Rides: Opel Astra 2015 International first drive review

Car Rides: Opel Astra 2015 International first drive review

Car Ride:Opel Astra 2015 International first drive review

We were sent to Austria to pick up the new Opel Astra and drive it to Slovakia. Some things went wrong but hey it’s all good
Check out what I thought of the car right here.

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17 Replies to “Car Rides: Opel Astra 2015 International first drive review”

  1. Bought this car waiting delivery the 1.4 turbo elite model is the best money can buy. Test drove Leon and golf and I thought they looked a bit bland and same across the board being sister companies. You would think different badge different interior but they ain't, to me that is cheating.

  2. I think new Astra is the best hatchback on the market right now. It drives very good, its light and loaded with technology.
    And overall quality of materials is ok.
    Its better than Focus, Leon and Golf. For the price it is the best allrounder you can get.

    Leon is boring inside as Golf.

  3. i have to say, i thought with the ugly exterior of the new corsa, that they would wreck the astra too, but not too bad 🙂

  4. The last Astra I drove was versions of the Mk2, the round one. It was not a great car to drive. Every time you hit the slipstream of a lorry it shook around maybe best described as dancing. I drove several different versions fitted with different engines and that did not seem to matter.
    When you say this car is lighter than the previous model I just home it has not gone back to this dancing around again. Maybe it was due to the shape of the MK2, but it did seem too light.

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