Car Rides: Opel Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport review 2017

Car Rides: Opel Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport review 2017

Car Ride:Opel Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport review 2017

Opel has refreshed the whole car but still haven’t managed to fix long standing problems. I have a long Autumn drive while having some thoughts about both the car and the company that make it.

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24 Replies to “Car Rides: Opel Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport review 2017”

  1. Original astra was a DOG. Then vectra was crap vs Mondeo/Sierra. Same with Corsa vs Fiesta and nice French supermini choices. Opel-Vauxhall never understood road holding (even though they used to own Lotus). Estate looks nice but too late- sold to Peugeot . Onstar has been in the US for decades and wifi is quite popular in lots of US cars now.

  2. Big fan of your blogs, Bob, but I can't understand why reviewers persist with testing the diesel version of new cars when so many of us are moving away from diesel engines.

  3. Some people are on their 3rd 4th engines in opel insignia. They are as reliable as the Irish weather. As for resell value!!!

  4. Well, then, we'll drive off then…
    I have driven the same car and disagree with the criticism.
    You don't understand how to use the suspension.
    With your wishes, do not press any buttons, they are for other needs than yours – obviously.

    This is a wonderful car to drive and ride.

    The seats are also excellent though you are not able to set them up, as with the suspension you get confused because you have too many options.

    You are completely wrong about the "boot" It's not the suspension that you think…

    Just like in the predecessor and in Vectra are these edges concealing a series of steel beams which is part of the rear deformation zone and just like all Opels makes the car very strong and resilient for violent crashes from behind and behind the rear seat.

    Most other car brands do not prioritize building this part of the body strong and resilient because no crash test is performed on the rear end of the body.

    For the same reason is the C-pillar on Astra wide, it conceals a huge steel beam…

    And the false side window on Insignia is hiding in the same way, a large steel beam which is one of two that goes down in the floor and contributes to the floor design.

    Sure, others are easier to load, but the price can be a dead passenger in the rear seat…
    When the heavy SUV crashes into you…

    Opel is the only one which sacrifices popular functions to build a solid car…
    The old Insignia is a Tiger Tank, that's why Opel's cars were so heavy.

    Would you rather drive a beer can, it's your choice, poor passengers…

  5. Holden engineers will probably fix the suspension issues for Australia, but the car is just so underwhelming in so many ways. This car doesn't come up to the current Commodore cars performance and handling in Australia much less beat it. Holden is in for a world of sales hurt when this car launches.

  6. My first few cars were Opel back in the 80's and I loved them. They were like smaller BMWs and very hard and solid. Sadly for years now they have lost their touch and I think have become overly influenced by Japanese marquess and are quite soft.

  7. Went for a test drive in this model and hated the drive and seating positions, opted for the previous model on vx line nav trim only six months old and way prefer it

  8. May not be the same in every country but as an ex fleet manager for over 200 cars in the uk dealers are corrupt when it comes to gearboxes and the dreaded engine management light sending the vehicle into slow mode

  9. Perhaps the faults in the ride is due to the wheel & tyre combo over the cooking level car, but that should not be an excuse as they should tune the suspension to suit. To the best of my knowledge those mode buttons only alter the damper settings not the spring rate as that cannot be done with steel springs.

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