Car Rides: Quick review of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2017

Car Rides: Quick review of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2017

Car Ride:Quick review of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2017

I thought I’d give my opinion of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2017, let’s hope we get more environmentally friendly cars in the near future.

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32 Replies to “Car Rides: Quick review of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2017”

  1. I notice in the dealership Toyota had plenty of signs up advertising the advantages of the Hybrid/not needing a charging point etc and basically pointing out that pure electric has a lot of flaws. Guess that's their marketing strategy and won't preclude a move to full electric in the future but they are currently trying to turn customers away from pure electric it seems. The Hybrid is a really nice car to drive but I think it is too expensive. It performs best in town and town drivers tend to do fewer miles and unless you do a lot of miles the car struggles to make economic sense over a regular petrol. It's that same purchasing issue that existed with diesel in that you needed a high mileage to make it pay but at least diesel had the advantage of being great on motorways and that tended to be the domain of high mileage drivers.

  2. The way I'm thinking is that if you want to lessen your environmental impact – especially air quality – but you only have one car then this is the one. I do mainly town driving but, every now and then, I need to do a longer journey and, more often than not, through areas with no, absolutely no, public charge points.

  3. Great review… But i have a couple considerations. We can see on the trip meeter 5.4 L/100Km… it seams good but , i own a 2016 Skoda Fabia 1.2 TSi and driving in Paris i'm getting 6.1 L/100Km.
    The Fabia is a bigger car and the 1.2 TSi is a old, now discontinued engine (replacede by 1.0 TSi) and the fuel consuption isn't bad enought to justify the premium price asked by Toyota dealers for their Yaris Hybrid.
    To conclude , i would rather take a renault Zoe ZE 40 for 20.000 € + batteries than a hybrid that doens't realy make the diference to a small displacement turbo petrol.

    thanks for the great review.

  4. My Mother in Law just traded in her Skoda Roomster for one of these. She likes it but I think its a bit small and plasticy inside with switchgear in odd places. But its a Toyota and should last her a long time.

  5. Hey Bob, loving your videos, I've been subscribed for a long while and love your no nonsense appraoch to cars 🙂

    At the age of 25 I'm finally getting my first car (and insurance…sigh)…
    Any good suggestions when max budget for a car alone is probably €8000?

  6. My wife is now on her 2nd Yaris Hybrid. Got her current one in October 2016. It is a really good car. We have been having a completion between us to see who can get the highest MPG. I have managed 66.8 MPG. On my wife's commute to work she averages between 58 to 60 MPG. Also the car has a "B" selection on the gear selector which helps to increase the potential charge going to the battery even more. This is used when going down hill to increase engine braking.I have a Ford Fiesta and have in the last few days test driven the New Fiesta. Its a nice car but its now so expensive for what you get. Not even electric windows in the rear on the Titanium trim. Today I test drove the petrol 1.5l Yaris manual and was impressed. So impressed that after many years with a Ford I'm going to order a Toyota Yaris.

  7. My aunt bought one new 171 and she loves it. I drive it and agree with this review – but motorway driving…not much overtaking going to happen there, engine gets stressed v quickly.

  8. Considering the basic yaris petrol is already super economical, why pay more for a hybrid unless you pay london or Paris congestion charge. On a bigger SUV or Avensis then the fuel cut might work and when we ban current diesels

  9. Hey bob, good little video, the new Yaris hybrid is as you said a great little car, and would recommend it to anyone, your mileage will be fantastic (about 70-80 mpg) I have the older Auris Hybrid that you actually tested years ago and i still see a constant 60-70 mpg with no problems, and if you remember i still do the same as you did in the old video of going to the shops/dropping kids off without using any fuel……dodzo

  10. The government are to blame for all the diesel cars on the road. They encouraged us to buy diesel and put incentives in place with the cheaper tax so they are to blame. Now they tell us diesel are bad and we will be putting the tax up…. what the fuck are they playing at.

  11. Google Maps on your phone is great, until you add Spotify and phone calls into the mix. A separate device for navigation is just nicer. Like a small GPS enabled tablet with Google Maps on it.

    There's also something to be said for having directions (and maybe a map) in your gauge cluster or HUD, something only an integrated system can do at this point as far as I know.

  12. The issue is, unless they make these ev vehicles with a min battery distance of say 20 miles and have a plug in charge option. The cost doesn't always make sense, I just bought an auris 1.6d and the cost extra for the hybrid version with the same miles and age as the one I have purchased would have been approx £3k more, based on my mileage etc the slight improvement in fuel economy wouldn't make up for that.
    If the hybrid gets to be either on par with the diesel price, or as I say can be used plug in, 20 to 30 miles so you don't use the petrol engine that often, it would be worth it but at the moment, the price premium because of extra costs + hybrid ev status symbol tax it isn't necessarily worth it.

  13. Hi Bob, I myself don't like ev because maybe I'm old school but I want the sound of a combustion engine I want to tinker around at the engine etc. I'd actually hate to test drive an ev for fear I mite actually like it. Personally I grew up with larger petrol cars and was a boy racer in the 90s and I still do love the sound of big petrol engines and tbh I don't really care about co2 emissions or the cost of road tax as after all the max we have to pay in Ireland is 2350euro,so I can drive say a 2009 plus Ford focus rs and only have to pay 2350euro road tax. Which means when I drive it it's highly unlikely that I will see even one more focus rs as ppl won't pay the road tax for them. I know we can't stop progress but I really hope I can drive enternal combustion engines until I die. I guy lives near me and he drives a shelby cobra and omg the sound is amazing.

  14. Feels like we have crossed the threshold for at least looking at electric but until we get a government push and tax break (why not half or abolish the vrt on electric vehicles) it is still a way off for normal folks. The environmental angle will never work here as most people simply don’t care ( still see people littering ) or have to acknowledge how our electricity is generated. Wondering if solar panels in Ireland would be sufficient to charge an ev over night so as to make fuel free? Seemed like a good bit of road noise from the Yaris? How about fuel economy?

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