Car Rides: Range Rover Evoque full review

Car Rides: Range Rover Evoque full review

Car Ride:Range Rover Evoque full review

We have been hearing about the Range Rover Evoque for ages, we went to the Irish launch day now Bob gets to live with the baby Rangie so lets see how he gets on

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  1. I can help…I'd take the Jeep everytime. It's a much bigger car mind you, the Jeep is closer to the size of a Range Rover Vogue! The build quality of the Cherokee is second to none, materials used are top notch and that engine…great noise. There's a review of the Jeep you're talking about elsewhere on the channel, check it out

  2. @Smokerspack Loved the review!! Which would you choose full equipped Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0CRD or the Evoque full equipped? How is the interior quality of the Jeep? I saw the review but i am not so sure about quality with American cars. Can you help? Thanks.

  3. @TheRemakersIreland There was no glass roof in the test car. I'll remember to show more of the back seat action in the other reviews, just for you.
    It's a shame more 15 year old people aren't buying cars, we would all be driving Lambo's 😀

  4. You should have shown the glass roof!!!
    You also should have shown most of the back seats and the cup holders there etc. I'm 15 and I'd love to see the back seats cause that's were I'd be sitting. Great review too. 6/5 stars :3

  5. @00kirbyd We aim to please everyone where ever possible, even if that means not making videos!
    We did do the Prius and Land Cruiser videos though so we aren't avoiding Toyota..

  6. @malonefan The music I had to use was the back up one. If you look me up on iTunes or Blip TV you'll see the same video with different music, damn copyright stuff

  7. @bonjourq I would never expect everyone to like the reviews, I sure there are different reviews out there but saying there's better is very subjective. Thanks for the comment

  8. @altern8ive I tend to agree, you'll tell how I feel by the look on my face. There are any amount of "Reviews" on youtube that just have some music and pictures of the car driving around with no one giving opinion or commentary. I try to be different and professional with the reviews

  9. @OneOfOne can't understand what the problem is. most car review channels focus on the information being given by the reviewer not how the car sounds and this video points out key parts of the interior, even down to how it feels. personally i think there are far too many rubbish and pointless 'let's film the exhaust to hear the engine' uploads on youtube already.

  10. sorry for finding the electric seat moment one of the funniest i've seen but the change of your look of smug content like a cat with the cream to sheer terror of being painfully squished against the steering column .. classic!! 😀

  11. you should put the camera behind this guy. we dont want to see him, we want to see the cars interior and how it sounds while he is talking. the focus now is on him

  12. I had a closer look at this car last year at the London auto expo and I would absolutely recommend it to people who want a premium crossover. BTW Meridian is british company and if i’m correct they make sound systems for professionals, studios and stuff.

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