Car Rides: Renault Megane GT 2016 review

Car Rides: Renault Megane GT 2016 review

Car Ride:Renault Megane GT 2016 review

Here’s the Irish drive of the new Renault Megane 2016 which is supposed to be a more executive model than ever before. Find out if that’s true.

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20 Replies to “Car Rides: Renault Megane GT 2016 review”

  1. LOL! about to write what has already been written, so I won't bother…

    Nope, can't help myself GT LIIIINNNNNNEEE!!!!! you @#$@#$@# moron! As a GT owner it erks me that such a lesser vehicle shares an almost identical nomenclature… so I suppose it's really Renault that I'm angry with and not you… but still… name your videos properly man!

  2. Great review Bob. Important to review what is always a popular car in Ireland. Very informative in explaining practical things such as power, noise and ability of infotainment system. Keep up the good work.

  3. Bob this is not GT its GT Line, the title could be misleading. Proper GT has 1.6 petrol from Clio Sport with 205 bhp, dual clutch auto and is a warm hatch, while GT Line only has the same cosmetics but not the engine or gearbox.

  4. You would want to be mad in the head to buy a Renault especially one with that much electrical equipment, I have a older megane and the doors fill with water when it rain shorting the window controls and the key cards just stopped working. all very common problem across their range even on newer versions.

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