Car Rides: Renault Megane on the last day

Car Rides: Renault Megane on the last day

Car Ride:Renault Megane on the last day

Yes the Megane goes back tomorrow and here’s my thoughts on it

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  1. I sat in the Renault Megane GT (hatch) and there was a lot to like, but there's some sloppy engineering to convert the steering wheel to the right hand side. The glove box has a massive door, but a huge slab of plastic inside means that it's only about 30% useable. The boot release is in the footwell to the far left of the passenger side! The seats are way too firm for a 'warm' hatch and rear foot room is non-existent because you can't get your feet under the front seat. I didn't even drive it because the interior was too compromised.

  2. Hi bob
    reviewing the new puegeot 3008?

    stunning interior as I seen it in gowan motors Navan road dublin.

    hoping you will be doing this one soon??????

  3. Jayseus Bob, will ya get an Osmo DJI gimbal? That shaky flaky video is killing me. Thank God they are short videos or I would be reaching for the unsubscribe button.

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