Car Rides: Renault Megane RS Trophy review

Car Rides: Renault Megane RS Trophy review

Car Ride:Renault Megane RS Trophy review

There are good days and then there are really good days. Bob does a full test of the Megane RS Trophy. The 265bhp race car is put to test on the roads and watch out for the 0-60 test!
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26 Replies to “Car Rides: Renault Megane RS Trophy review”

  1. Great review…very entertaining and presented with true Irish passion. In Australia this catorgory of performance car is usually dominated by the Japanese cars such as the Subaru WRX ,Sti, and Mitsubishi Ralliart and EVO. Ford is now making some in roads with the ST and VW golf Gti and R have dominated the European hot hatches with the Audi A3 and BMW 135i not too far behind. All in my mind great cars in their own right. I have just recently bought a demo Megane cup 265 and waiting fr it to be shipped up from Sydney. I am hoping i will be half as excited as this reviewer is when i am finally behind the wheel driving a back road on the Sunshine coast in Queensland.
    Will give an honest review on the car once I get it.

  2. Love your work mate, very entertaining vid, just subscribed!…. I brought the wife in to watch this vid, was attempting to convince her this is the car for us. Now she thinks the car looks to fast and I'll just be a hoon 😉

  3. They had one of these at A unnamed shopping in Basingstoke, the guy told me they made 50 & 49 of these were in yellow only 1 was order in black the owner of the black is one of kind

  4. Maybe I'm too used to low profile tyres, because when I tried one out, the ride isn't that bad considering what it can achieve in terms of handling. Amazing really…

  5. discs aren't grooved for repelling water, they are grooved or drilled, some cases both, offering better ventilation for improved heat dissipation.
    good review though lol

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