Car Rides: Review ZUS USB smart car charger

Car Rides: Review ZUS USB smart car charger

Car Ride:Review ZUS USB smart car charger

Nonda sent me this little device to test and I thought you all should see it.
It’s a nicely constructed charging device along with being able to find your car from an app.

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3 Replies to “Car Rides: Review ZUS USB smart car charger”

  1. One would maybe nag about the ports being located tilted to the sides? It would maybe be easier to plugin one-handed if they were at the top? Nitpicking? Yes. ­čÖé

  2. The USB port in most cars only delivers 500mah whereas this device claims to deliver 4.8A (equating to 4800mah) and assuming this is split between the two ports at an amperage delivery of 2.4 each port…. so it would indeed be a lot faster to charge your device. So their claim for 2x charging in my opinion is warranted due to the small mindedness of car manufacturers when they choose to deliver only 500mah

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