Car Rides: SEAT Arona International first drive

Car Rides: SEAT Arona International first drive

Car Ride:SEAT Arona International first drive

SEAT launched the new Arona in Spain and I went to see what it’s all about. I’m aware the selection of cars I mention aren’t all direct competition but there’s a lot of muddy water around the SUV/B-SUV segment at the moment

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15 Replies to “Car Rides: SEAT Arona International first drive”

  1. Thought you died of alcoholism or got cancer and died of smoking love your review before but what happened? So you’re back on the scene keep it real we’re not all millionaires!
    Greg uk

  2. Good review Bob, however as others have mentioned the Karoq is pitted against the Ateca, Qashqai and Sportage. This small B segment Arona, rivals the like of the Captur, Stonic and arguably the segment creator Nissan Juke.

  3. ever since I heard you say it, I realized that was exactly what bothered me in the newest cars: no buttons. But this one has! For both volume and airco. Excellent! even the most boring car (like this one) would win me over quicker than the slickest car without the physical dials.

  4. Bob, the Škoda Karoq is a competitor to the SEAT Ateca/VW Tiguan, not the VW T-Roc/SEAT Arona.
    The Škoda version of those (named K-something-q) is due sometime late 2018/early 2019.

  5. Bob the intro music!! Please.
    Love your reviews man but hate having to skip the 1st min or so to bypass the music….. no scrap that.. The Noise

  6. Probably one of the most crowded and complicated car segments at the moment, even more so because much of the competition is often sold in the same dealership where you have multiple VAG brands under the one roof to make the choice even harder. Looking forward to the return of the Sunday service tomorrow!

  7. Spot on bob about the similarity with its cousins they are just too much the same,the more you spend the better the plastic interior!

  8. Thank you, Bob. To further complicate things, there is the Skoda model model coming – a sub-Karoq, based on the Fabia. Could be the one to go for. A well equipped Karoq is pushing € 30, 000 in Germany.

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