Car Rides: Sitting properly in a car could save your life

Car Rides: Sitting properly in a car could save your life

Car Ride:Sitting properly in a car could save your life

Setting your seat up in the right way could save your life in the event of a collision. Here’s the best way I’ve learned to set-up your drivers’ seat and to stay comfy while driving.

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21 Replies to “Car Rides: Sitting properly in a car could save your life”

  1. Too bad I'm 2m tall^^ So the fist above my head thing is pretty much impossible unless I were to buy something like a G wagon or a Defender 😀 But the worst struggle usually is to get my knees either side of the steering wheel without them constantly touching it and not having my shoulder being pressed forward by the B-pillar so that that I don't have to sit skewed.

    I drive an Insignia and it just about works out (ignoring that my head almost touches the ceiling, no matter how low I put the seat). Might check out the Skoda Superb for my next car. Seems to me it has a pretty large amount of space inside.

  2. Bob, my son drives my Fiat 500 and when he sits in the car, he can't find a comfortable driving position when he drives it to practice his driving skills. He is 5ft 8 inches tall. Do you have any tips?

  3. Very important to set the seat correctly. I sometimes adjust the seat in a new car 4 or 5 times before I have it right. Also, if I have a passenger beside me (such as my darling beloved) and no one in the back, I get her to move her seat back as far as possible to allow the B pillar to protect her if the worst happens. Good man Bob!

  4. Cheers for that Bob! Great advice! Perhaps without realising it I suspect you have just helped to upsell memory seats to a lot more people! They are a godsend when "the boss" keeps stealing my wonderful V40 🙂 Keep up the good work sir 🙂

  5. Excellent advice Bob, very worthwhile video. I know it's not fitted on all cars but lumbar support can be important too. To avoid back pain and prevent tiredness I was advised to adjust the lumbar support slightly into different positions on longer journeys.

  6. Hi Bob loving the clubsport videos. Own a 2015 Polo GTi myself. thought my seating position was ok but followed your video and gotta say it's like my cars got 50% better. Feel more connected via steering and hugged by seat. Cheers

  7. Good, solid advice there Bob. My wife and I share a car often and I'm forever having to lengthen her arms and legs so she fits my seating position safely! 😉

  8. This information is vital and should be taught to all students by driving instructors. I really enjoy your car reviews.
    cheers man

  9. Great video, you forgot to mention the correct position of the headrest though, in the car you are using in this demo the headrest is non adjustable I think? many people sustain neck injuries from wrongly positioned headrests.

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