Car Rides: Skoda Karoq first drive Ireland 2018

Car Rides: Skoda Karoq first drive Ireland 2018

Car Ride:Skoda Karoq first drive Ireland 2018

The Skoda Karoq is on us in Ireland and it turns out to possibly be the best in class. Check out my first Irish drive here with a full review later in the year.

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15 Replies to “Car Rides: Skoda Karoq first drive Ireland 2018”

  1. Hey bob as things with emissions etc with all the diesel getting the cold shoulder with tax brackets from now on in England are bringing back petrol cars, what is the fuel economy like for this the 1.5 tsi in the real world both around town and 120kph (70mph) motorway

  2. if it was your choice and money Bob which one would u go for the 1 or 1.5tsi…and why ..(apart from the slight difference in hp)

  3. Their downfall Bob is that they are all looking the same in the vw group. I would buy something different to stand out. Like a "Yeti" oh wait they stop making them.

  4. I have the Ateca 2.0TDI , but no DSG with that BHP, which is a shame, visually mine is a nicer looking suv imo, but i would say the Karoq will out sell it big time. Love the "donate via Bitcoin" in your description, how many will i send you 🙂

  5. Loved that video Bob really love the way you blended the footage of the Abbey into your video, saw the Karoq in the dealers when I picked up my 1.0 Octavia I think you are right I can see the Karoq doing quite well.

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