Car Rides: Skoda Karoq review | is this a small SUV too far?

Car Rides: Skoda Karoq review | is this a small SUV too far?

Car Ride:Skoda Karoq review | is this a small SUV too far?

There does seem to be a lot of small SUV’s on the market but can Skoda shout loud enough with the Karoq?

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27 Replies to “Car Rides: Skoda Karoq review | is this a small SUV too far?”

  1. Longing for the 1.5 petrol DSG review. Btw, can the 1.5 petrol drive on snow? (I have in mind the video in Finland but of course there it was the 4×4 version)

  2. He forgot to mention its TINY interior, the old Yeti and old Tiguan we're far roomier, it's like a Ford Fiesta inside, the seats were tiny in the SEL model I test drove last week, it made the mark II Tiguan feel like a Touareg and I'm only 5'11 and 90kg not a 6'5 120 kg
    The VW group have deliberately undersized this car from being brilliant (if it were only a 10 cm bigger all round) for fear of it directly competing with the much more expensive Tiguan

  3. No word of the 1.0 dsg? I'm 43 soon, don't get much more exciting than waiting on a 3 cylinder 1.0 litre automatic SUV that could be cheaper to run than a larger diesel. Before I had kids I was hankering after cars with double the capacity and power,lol

  4. The problem I find with the Vw/Audi group is they don't bother converting properly for right hand drive. I get it's a small enough market, but they could've put the infotainment buttons on the driver's side and the same with the bloody handbrake and cupholders.

    Put the damn handbrake beside the driver seat and cupholders to the passenger side.

  5. I’m afraid I have to disagree and the Knob being removed it a god send to my OCD!! I have to have the wee knob aligned so the on symbol is the right orientation in my Superb. I then use the steering wheel control to adjust the volume.

  6. Excellent review, as always. The largest Skoda touchscreen, in CZ known as Columbus, has come under heavy criticism here for the total absence of traditional knobs. At first it seems farcical to have so many safety features yet go for a touchscreen system which takes attention away from the road. Then you realise it is sheer cynicism: knobs are more expensive…

  7. I'm a Skoda fan, I've had an Octavia 4×4 for 12 years from new and it's never let me down. I want to replace it soon with another Skoda and the Karoq ticks many boxes for me, and although the interior looks great, the exterior is sooooo bland, no, it's dull, so I think I'll wait for the inevitable facelift and hope they improve the looks.

  8. the only knob that needs removing is the one who had the amazing brainfart idea that no knobs was a great ergonomic benefit to the customer

  9. Looks great. Have a white car myself and, being a KNOB, I’m out washing it every week. Got to admit worth the effort because it looks so goooood. Interested in how the small petrol performs. I’ve had it with diesel.

  10. I'm not in favour of touch screens. They are no difference than using a mobile phone, and that's illegal. Amazing that Volvo, Citroen and others even have touch screen controls for heating and ventilation.

  11. Look who's getting all fancy-smancy in his intros with graphics, eh? Actually, I think you're heading towards clickbait territory if you go much further on that front.

  12. 1.0 dsg sounds good. Although I've ordered a Leon 1.6tdi dsg on motability,I'd be interested to see the 1.0 karoq as I would be able to insure my 18 year old son, motability have an under 25 years old age limit for cars above 120 bhp debarring me from 2 litre diesel

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