Car Rides: Skoda Superb facelift International one take special

Car Rides: Skoda Superb facelift International one take special

Car Ride:Skoda Superb facelift International one take special

A challenge has been laid down, I was told that I couldn’t possibly do a 10 minute car video in one take with no cuts and no script; so I accepted that challenge and made this video. I hope you like it. Sorry Czech people I said Skoda wrong again!
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33 Replies to “Car Rides: Skoda Superb facelift International one take special”

  1. True statement about fresh and bigger Octavia and old spacious Superb but wait for the new one 🙂 I cannot wait your review. Should be fun and funny to watch as always 😀 BTW I agree, the wagon/estate Superb looks way better in this generation.

  2. got addicted to it I guess… Does that make sense to you? I am lucky enough to have quite a big budget, but after driving the skoda, I can' t get to buying me a audi, bmw or something like that… I went for all the options it has, and they gave me 20% discount??? How can you not buy this car. Am I nuts? Anyways, I'll tell you what it feels like in 2-3 months… Cheerio Mister

  3. Yow Bob, like your natural video style;-) Anyway, I am 2m tall (so let's say basket ball player hight), so I can' t seem to find any other car than the superb. I already had one last 3,5 years (superb 1,8 elegance), but now I will buy the 'new' (facelift) superb 3.6. Thinking of nature and economy, that don't seem like a bright plan, but I    

  4. Hi Bob. After a lot of thinking I'm going to stay with the Superb. I'm getting the 140BHP DSG but can't make my mind up between black with cream leather or white with black leather. Wo do people think is nicer ?

  5. Thanks for the input. The A6 is a 2.0ltr 163 HP and hence Belgian tax friendly compared to the 3.0ltr. It is very well specced and the price is reasonable. Although the Superb left me quite an impression, the Audi is just so much more refined in the look and feel in my opinion and has that extra flair that a company car can certainly use.

  6. Superb is a better car than the Passat, the Sharan is brilliant as a family car, it's the size of a van with all the seats down or can carry 7 people. It handles like a van though. Unless you need van space take the Superb.

  7. Outback is a great car, shame Subaru can't get it together to make something as good now. You'll love the Superb, it's a great car, OK it doesn't have the handling of the Subaru but it makes up for it in comfort.

  8. Good question. The A6 is a smaller car but only just, if the A6 is bog standard e.g. 2.0ltr diesel and manual I'd take the Superb because it'll feel the same on the road as the A6 and that's because it has the same engine, gearbox and lots of other parts from the Audi range. Plus you're the first owner and get the full warranty.
    Now if the Audi is well specced or quattro with a 3.0ltr I'd take the Audi.
    All things being equal I'd have the Superb so long as you don't mind the badge difference.

  9. The Combi 170 TDI will most definitely be my next car. Driving an Outback 2.5 at the moment so it'll be a big saving in terms of tax and fuel costs, dunno if it'll be as much of a "driver's car" as the Subaru though.

  10. Thanks for the video, Bob. It was a oil refinery plant of the OMV company you were driving by. I've got another question for you: Having the choice of a VW Passat Estate (140ps 2.0l tdi dsg), a Skoda Superb estate (170ps 2.0l tdi dsg) or the VW Sharan (140ps 2.0l tdi dsg) all for the (almost) the same price as my new company car, which one would you pick?

  11. Hi Bob! I am thinking about purchasing Alfa Romeo 159 1.9 JTDM ( 150 BHP ). Could you tell me your thoughts about this car, do you recommend it? Thank you for the answer 🙂

  12. Yet again another great video made more interesting by the one take! What car do you personally drive or do you just basically 'live off' press cars? What's the song at the end?

  13. Ahh there you are lol! I'd hang on a couple of years because this new one is just an update to the looks. There'll be a complete new one in about 2 years or so. I can't see how they are going to make it any better though

  14. Both good first cars, the Clio edges it on both room in the cabin and handling. You should also consider a Fabia, they are very affordable now and handling, parking and engines are all good plus you can fix most things yourself.

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