Car Rides: Suzuki Swift first UK drive 2017

Car Rides: Suzuki Swift first UK drive 2017

Car Ride:Suzuki Swift first UK drive 2017

Suzuki is going to braver with the new Swift and rightly so as it and the Ignus are the best small cars on the market at the moment.

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20 Replies to “Car Rides: Suzuki Swift first UK drive 2017”

  1. Hello that was a very nice and informative review Bob.I have the 2010 1.3 l swift and im thinking of buying the new one. I really like my car now but it struggles in low rpm.does the boosterjet feel better when accelerating in low rpms ?

  2. good review.and funny. We only get the 4wd in Finland and it costs about 2000€ more than a basic Fiesta and Clio a lot ,almost all,of other B-segments basic models are cheaper . But 4wd is very useable here

  3. You have bendy buses!!!. Banned in our area due to too many nasty accidents. Lol, Bullocks coaches, I wonder how many times somebody has put a top curve on the U lol Hmm, I find that car companies go through the none conservative cars every other generation, Ford did it with the last Fiesta, which I have, the new one has been blandified, they did it with the original focus, then blandified the next one. 18k for a bloody swift? ouch lol. Manchester, I'm 4 hours north, pop in for a cuppa next time!! The design, I think is still conservative compared to other cars, not the cutting edge that was the last one. Traffic? meh, I parked up on a road in the pennines today and for half an hour, not a single car lol

    Never head a sat nav say 'intermediate destination' lol

  4. Looks like a fun wee car, but I find a pretty serious design fault in it, which Suzuki should of thought of if they where serious about entertaining the B segment…….The rear door handles are a bit too high for small kids to open the rear doors from the outside!?

  5. the government enticed people to buy diesels with lower forecourt prices (amongst other 'benefits') then saw how much revenue they were losing by how many people bought diesels so bumped the prices up. they've done the same with low emision vehicles. tax exempt to entice people to buy which many people have done, now the government have moved the goalposts (as of April 1st) with some people now paying 9 times more tax than they did previously.

  6. try the m62 or m6 in rush hour for traffic, its actually a luxury to drive on the motorways when ever i go back to ireland, there empty most of the time, alot of them in uk are just about used to there full capacity now, thats why there building these new smart motorways.

  7. Bob you are right about driving here in England – so much traffic all the time – no joy driving in it. Go to the large supermarket near there and pay 113.7 for petrol.

  8. If they'd just changed the name 'mile' to 'kilometre' in Ireland it would have been OK, the fact the kilometre is shorter was the problematic bit. Nice looker, ultra modern with a hint of retro, playing around with a few centimetres has given it a much more squat look.

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