Car Rides: Ten minutes with the Alfa Romeo Giulia quadrifoglio

Car Rides: Ten minutes with the Alfa Romeo Giulia quadrifoglio

Car Ride:Ten minutes with the Alfa Romeo Giulia quadrifoglio

The best car to come out of Italy in the last decade, I am completely sold.
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18 Replies to “Car Rides: Ten minutes with the Alfa Romeo Giulia quadrifoglio”

  1. I own one in the exact same color with the yellow calipers. I love it driving on day to day basis or on the race track. Its an amazing car and yes it has very loud blaps and exhaust shots. Love the acceleration but you can put it in economy mode and still get 33 mpg. I love it. Its simply gorgeous not the cookie cutter german cars we go with everyday. It will turn heads like crazy. I promise you. People cheer and take pictures on a red stop. literally stop their cars next to me and honk their cars and blow kisses to the car. Seriously !

  2. Thanks for the great review.  Me at the Alfa Romeo dealer 3 weeks ago: Do you have a Quadrifoglio in stock? Dealer: No, but we do have one that's due to arrive sometime in May. What color do you want? Me: What color is the one in transit? Dealer: White. Me: I reckon I'd like a white one then. Mine is currently on a boat somewhere between Italy and New York then it's on the way to El Paso.  I am more than just a bit excited… Goodbye 370Z, hello Quadrifoglio!

  3. And that's a journalist kind has to be: just like the car he is reviewing. I like the Irish humour to the Italian craziness of this wonderful piece of kit. Like also the blurring of the camera as you seem to fly through the village, Bob. Really refreshing!

  4. Mr Flavin, I would say that if you live in that beautiful neighborhood then your house is worth quite a bit more than the car. However I'd caution against taking out a loan against your home for a car as no car is worth the security of a home. Great review as always.

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